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Building calculator

Construction calculator at home: how to calculate the volume of building materials (roof, wall material, foundation)


The construction of a residential house, and of any other object, begins with the calculation of the volume of necessary materials. It is important to know how much laminated timber, logs, cement, rubble, sand, lime, brick, blocks, roof, etc. it will be necessary and these values ​​should be as accurate as possible, since both the surplus and the shortage of building materials entail significant financial costs. Most of the people who are starting construction for the first time do not know how to correctly calculate the volume of building materials. The calculation of building materials involves the inclusion of various parameters. To find out how much cement is required for building walls of a house from blocks, it is necessary to know not only the dimensions of this building material (length, width and height), but also the thickness of the mortar in the masonry, as well as much more. Simple addition and subtraction is not enough, special knowledge is needed, which not everyone possesses. You can contact a specialist in the construction industry, ask him to make all the necessary calculations and provide the data in writing. But there is a simpler and cheaper way: algorithms were developed that allow counting literally any values, automatically converting them, performing numerous other operations with them in a very short period of time, literally in seconds. Nor do you need to pay any money!

Construction Calculator

We all know arithmetic calculators. A simple performing algorithm performs division, multiplication, subtraction and addition of numbers. In more advanced models, there is an extended functionality that allows calculating fractions, percentages, etc. Actually, the construction calculator is based on the same principle. Its main feature is the standard sizes of building materials, their density, and other parameters already introduced into the database. The total price that can be calculated on a construction calculator at any time is a good opportunity for every developer who wants to delve into the essence of construction. Of course, it will be approximate, averaged, but allowing at the very beginning of construction to represent how much the future house will cost. The specific value of the house, the so-called turnkey price, can be found only after drawing up an estimate. Also note that the online construction calculator in its functionality is not inferior to the analogue installed on the computer. However, only if ... However, this is in the next chapter.

Where to find a quality online construction calculator?

If you type “online construction calculator” into the browser search box, the aggregator will give you a list of sites that have this application. It would seem that there is nothing simpler: stuck the cursor into the first available site and calculate the volume of wall material or roof, but in fact this is not quite so. There are quite popular sites visited by a large number of users, where besides the most diverse information there is also a construction calculator online. However, these resources may belong to non-construction companies, therefore, embedded applications are far from the technical capabilities offered to them by professionals. Simply put, not all online construction calculators are properly configured. Similarly, we can say about the stationary software, which is proposed for installation. Problem?! Not at all, if you use the online calculator from the construction campaign of JSC “Archiline”. It is a truly high-quality resource, prepared for the needs of specialists and adapted for use by a wide audience, including those without special training. The online calculator from Archiline ASC has an intuitive interface, a wide range of functionality that meets the needs of the modern construction industry. The calculator was created using a technology that allows you to get the most accurate calculation of building materials, depending on a variety of factors. All features of this application will be discussed in the next chapters of this article.

Types of construction calculators

To date, there are three types of construction calculators that allow to calculate the roof, walls and basement. All of them - full-featured, adapted to the needs of developers - are present on the official website of the company “Archiline” in the section “building calculators”. These applications are differentiated by purpose, i.e. depending on the specific architectural solution. For example, if you plan to erect a dual-pitch roof on your house, then calculations should be made on a calculator that is configured for this type of work. This is convenient, it allows you to get a really accurate result of the calculation, which is very important (we have already talked about the negative point from the lack and excess of building materials).

Building calculator for calculating the walls

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    Building calculator for calculating windows

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      Building calculator to calculate the foundation

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        Building calculator to calculate the roof

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