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A typical project of a house made of timber "Eurodom-1" - 80-90 square meters

A typical project of a house made of timber "Eurodom-1" - 80-90 square meters  You still do not know what is the first step you need to take to realize your dream of a wooden house? ArchiLine Log Houses can give you an unambiguous answer - start with the project! A typical project of a house made of timber

A typical project of a house made of timber

A typical project of a house made of timber

A typical project of a house made of timber

A typical project of a house made of timber

Ideas come to mind one after another, thoughts are thrown from one appearance to another, from planning to planning, and it's very difficult to put everything together and imagine what the outcome will suit you. Do not long to suffer, the output is simple - contact the specialists! Experienced managers of the company ArchiLine will listen to all your wishes, and architects will take them into account when doing the project just for you.

The main idea of ​​the project is to develop a house that meets all modern requirements, such as comfort, convenience of planning, individuality of the idea. Make it perfect in terms of communications, but at the same time inexpensive in price. The task is not easy, but our architects coped with this without difficulty. In the project of this individual one-storey house of a beam, 2 spacious bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, in which the whole family, a bathroom, a furnace, a lobby, a hall and a terrace can be placed, where you can put a table and chairs and sit comfortably over a cup of tea, reading an interesting book, as well as gather a large company and relax in nature.

In order that you understand that these are not empty words, below in this article we present to your attention the developed project of a wooden house made of laminated veneer lumber, all the necessary documentation for its coordination and further construction.

In this project we developed:
  1. General Data Sheet
  2. Explanatory note
  3. Facades
  4. Baseplate at the level of the cutter
  5. Floor plan with furniture arrangement
  6. Roof plan
  7. Incision

Each project has an individual approach, so only the sheets you need can be developed. Now let's talk in more detail about why this or that sheet is intended and what kind of information it carries.

The first sheet is necessary for informing about what was developed for you in this project. Also a list of normative documents that was taken into account when implementing the project is presented, if necessary, you can familiarize with them. Technical and economic indicators give an idea of the area and building volume of the house.

The second sheet - PZ (explanatory note) informs on the volume-planning decision of your dream house, on its supporting structures, external and internal decoration, all wooden internal elements. All this is preliminary agreed with you, taking into account your wishes and your idea.

Thanks to the third sheet you can see what the future dream house will look like from all sides. On the facades are placed all the marks of levels, to understand the scale of the structure. Also all openings are measured.

Layout of the foundation at the level of the cutoff (the level at which the house itself will be erected) with all dimensions, to be able to measure the erected foundation and compare it with the drawings.

The plan of the floor plan with the proposed furniture arrangement by the architect is necessary so that you can understand and present the layout of the future structure and the area of ​​all the premises. Each design stage is coordinated with you and changes according to your wishes, in the event that it is constructively impossible to accomplish anything, the designer of the company will explain to you why this is not recommended and will offer an alternative option that will suit both sides.

The next sheet is the roof plan, which marks the slope angle and dimensions of the skates, as well as the marks of the ridge and the bottom of the overhangs.
Section with the indication of the level of the clean floor, the size of the openings, and the marks of overhangs and skate.

Look more:

You can see a video-review of this wooden house "Mirage":

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house «Mirage»:

Wooden house "Mirage" from profiled glued timber 99m2

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