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• How can I order a house from you?
You should contact our exports department and learn the details about our products and ask the price of a certain product from our site you liked. If you want a fully or partially customized product you can order a new project as well. We can draw a project based on your wishes and imagination for a small fee. After we have a project either chosen by you or drawn by us or your architect, we will prepare a price list of what materials are necessary to complete the project. We discuss what you want to include or exclude then we can make a contract based on what is included. After the contract is settled and payment procedures are initiated, we will start preparing your package in the factory and build your house.

• How do you calculate the prices?
We don’t give random prices. We calculate the prices based on the materials we use. Most important item is the solid thick timber we use for walls and roofs because it is the main element to build the house. We calculate it in volume not in m2 (in cubic meter m3). That will be the major part of the price, then we calculate auxiliary wooden parts and other materials like fasteners, insulation etc. You can also choose to include floor, windows and doors.

One important note here: Our prices will be lower for same quality products you can order in Europe. When you see lower prices we advise you to check the wood quality they use. Some people don't pay attention to that and miss that cheap houses are sold with 60-90 mm thick low quality wood. Our minumum is about 140mm and goes up to 200mm+ premium. It is also important to know what is included in the price. Sometimes sellers only present part of the materials they use then you will be surprised by the final prices. It is a sales trick and we don't do that. We give you the price list directly.

• What about the transportation.
We work with professional transportation companies for years for our overseas deliveries and deliver our products anywhere around the world without issues. We have built from Europe to U.S.A. to Emirates or even as far as Australia.

• I have heard there are sanctions affecting your country.
These sanctions are not applied on our products. We sell wooden houses and this kind of product is not under sanctions. We recently got orders from EU countries such as Germany and built our products there without any single issue.

• I will deal first time with your company. How can I trust you?
We are the first CIS country (Post Soviet Country) which has managed to get EU standards certifications in Wooden House building and we are proud of it. We are a company with 18 years of history. We have built thousands of houses in Russia and Belarus and hundreds of houses overseas in multiple countries. Customer happiness is a priority. Our CEO who has founded the company, supervises every single project himself and we are always in communication with our customers. With the age of social media and internet no company has the luxury to lose trust because information is spread very quickly. We are aware of that and we do our best to deliver our promises when a contract is made.

• Can you design an X m2 project for me?
We have a professional team of architects who are specialized in designing wooden house projects. Their designs are so good that some of the designs have been sold over and over. We will do our best for you to have the wooden house of your dreams.

• What kind of wood do you use?
We use North European Pine. We cut them in thick clean pieces in our own factory. The trees are from Belarus, where winters can be very cold and summers hot. This means the wood is very resilient to changing weather extremes. Also, properties of pine tree make it resistant to bugs. These are not regular thin wood cuts. Our wood is reasonably thick, which makes the maintenance very easy. You don’t need to maintain it every couple of years like a cheap product you can check it back every ten years! Thickness also makes it very fire resistant. Our wood product has excellent temperature insulation properties.

• Should I choose round logs or glued laminated timber?
We work with both types. Round logs have been traditional way of building wooden houses for a long time. And because it looks natural some people still request it just for design features. But we almost always recommend using the newest technology timber house building by glued laminated timber blocks. Their advantages are so many. They are more resistant to cracks and aging, much easier to maintain, they wear way less, they isolate the temperature much better, they will grant much better structural integrity.

• Do you build the electrical, water, gas heating and gas systems in the house?
We don’t build these systems ourselves in our houses especially for exports because each country has its own regulations with electricity, gas, water etc. connections. This is why we leave this work for the local professionals.

But we make the house ready for these systems. It will be ready for connections. We also show the locations of the connections in our plans.

• Do you build the foundation?
We don’t build the foundation but we make sure that the foundation size and structure is correct so that the house will fit on the foundation perfectly. We include the drawings for the foundation. We also send an expert who may supervise the locals building the foundation and check it to make sure that everything is correct when the house package arrives.

• How is the house built when the materials arrive?
Our carpenters acquire visas according to the country they need to build. Most of them already have Schengen visas for example and they can freely travel around EU countries. Depending on the project we can send up to 1-3 carpenters. It also depends on your request. Sometimes we can send a single carpenter which supervises the local carpenters. Sometimes we send a team of 3 which will complete the project by themselves. The laborers should be paid daily by the customer dependent on the country they work in.

• Why should I choose your company?
We are a very experienced company; our products have same high quality with some of the best companies with much lower price thanks to lower production costs in our country and efficiency. Our proximity to Europe offering such good prices for great quality items and craftsmanship makes us a top choice.

We are a team of professionals who love our job. We are wooden house, wooden product enthusiasts ourselves. We dealt with wood since our childhood in North Europe and we understand the language of wood. We have beautiful designs inspired from countries and territories like Russia, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Baltic, Canada etc.

We are honest. We tell you directly what is possible and what is not possible. We do our best to understand you and make your dream come true without much struggle.

We are a proven company. Our work speaks for itself. We have the first EU certificate amongst CIS countries. We built countless wooden houses and made countless clients happy.

Examples of wooden houses built by the company Archiline Wooden Houses in the World:

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Danube" - Germany

Construction of the workshop of glulam - Germany

Construction of wooden house "Baden-Wurttemberg" - Germany

Wooden house of rounded log "Voiteck" - Poland

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Sun" - Poland

Wooden house of log "Oster" - Netherland

Wooden house of log "Van Dijk 2" - Netherland

Wooden house of log "Van Dijk" - Netherland

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Mirage" - Belarus

Wooden House "White House" - Belarus

Wooden building of glued laminated timber in Dubai - UAE

Wooden hotel by the sea (project) - UAE

The house from prfiled glued timber - Georgia

Canadian wooden house construction - Moscow

Wooden house, сhalet "Lauri" - Russia

Contemporary timber house - Spain

Wooden restaurant of log- Spain

House with a flat roof - Italy


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