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Black, modern wooden house made of timber with a flat roof, project "Black Style"
Flat roof

Black, modern wooden house made of timber with a flat roof, project "Black Style"

A wooden house is not only a traditional and eco-friendly housing option, but also an opportunity to implement the most daring and original architectural solutions. One such solution is a black, modern wooden house with a flat roof made of timber, which combines the advantages of wooden construction and stylish design. Such a house looks spectacular and modern, and also provides comfort and coziness for its residents.

The black color of the façade of a wooden house is an unusual and bold choice that gives the house character and individuality. The black color contrasts well with the surrounding greenery and emphasizes the geometric shape of the house. In addition, the black color protects the wood from fading and fungus, as well as creates a warm microclimate inside the house. To paint a wooden house black, you can use special water-based or oil-based paints, which do not contain harmful substances and do not disturb the natural structure of the wood.

The flat roof of a wooden house is a modern and practical solution that has many advantages. A flat roof saves materials and reduces the load on the walls and foundations of the house. A flat roof also increases the usable area of the house, as it can be equipped with a terrace, garden or solar panels. The flat roof also gives the house a modern and minimalist look that is in harmony with the black color of the façade. A variety of materials such as roofing felt, membrane, Styrofoam, or Styrofoam can be used to provide waterproofing and thermal insulation for a flat roof.

A wooden house made of timber is a reliable and durable material that has many positive properties. A beam is a profiled block of solid wood, which can be glued or solid. Glulam consists of several layers of wood glued together under pressure and temperature. A solid beam is made from a single piece of wood, which is processed by special machines. The timber has a flat and smooth surface that does not require additional finishing. Timber also retains heat well and regulates humidity inside the house. Timber is easy to assemble and connect, so the construction of a log house takes little time and does not require high costs.

"Black Style" at the construction stage:

A black, modern wooden house with a flat roof made of timber can be of different shapes and sizes, depending on your wishes and the characteristics of the site. However, as a rule, such a house consists of several main rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and an entrance hall. The living room is the central and most spacious room in the house where you can relax, socialize and enjoy the views of nature through the large windows. The kitchen is the place where food can be cooked, eaten, and stored. The bedroom is a place to sleep, read, and store things. The bathroom is a place where you can take water procedures and take care of yourself. The hallway is a place where you can change clothes, leave your shoes and hang your clothes.

A black, modern wooden house with a flat roof made of timber can also be attached to various additional buildings, which will increase the functionality and convenience of the house. For example, you can build a carport next to the house, which will protect the car from weather conditions and vandals. It is also possible to build a barbecue where you can cook meat, fish and vegetables over charcoal and enjoy the aroma and taste. You can also build a utility room where you can store tools, garden furniture and other things.

A black, modern wooden house with a flat log roof is an ideal option for those who want to have a stylish and comfortable home on their property. Such a house will not take up much space, will not require large expenses and will not lose its charm over time. Building a log house is an investment in your health, beauty and mood. Choose your log house project and enjoy life!

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