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Wooden house from glued laminated timber "Eurodom"
82 m²

Wooden house from glued laminated timber "Eurodom"   Wooden house of glulam and a terrace "Evrodom" – small house for all year living for a small family. There are all what is important: 2 bedrooms,WC and a spacious kitchen-living room.

Quantity of floors1Quantity of bedrooms2
Living area24,72 m2All premises areas on each floor:78,5 m2
Terrace and balconies areas:21,96 m2Roofing area :185 m2
Build-up area:120 m2Price:on request
Wall material:Profiled glued laminated timber 200х185 mm*
Roofing material:Ceramic roofing tile*
Foundation:Piled raft slab with monolithic slabs*
*Materials can be changed according to customer’s expectations

Good day, visit our new article on our website. It's June 2019 and we represent you a newly built house of glued laminated timber according to the project "Eurodom"

The house, just built, rented and waiting for guests. Spacious, clear, bright. It is calm, easy to breathe, you feel easy in it.
The house is reliable and ready for the functions for which it was built: to make people healthy, give them a rest.
The house perfectly fulfills its other functions: it stands, protects, guarantees, and preserves. His terrace: refreshes, opens.
To start in the future, you need to be healthy and devoid of prejudice. What is needed for that? Such a house, it just has to be.
Airy light atmosphere, it is always waiting for changes to the better. The hosts spend time in its bright, airy environment. Such houses should be, it's just a point of power on the map of life events.

Compact house of glued laminated timber suggests comfortable living in it for a family of 3-4 people. The peculiarity of the project is that it is variable: it is easy to adapt it to the wishes of the customer in terms of area and functionality. In addition, with the change of the project, the house can become a two-story, with facades in any style. The main thing - it is convenient, reliable, efficient.

The inner space is clearly structured: to the right of the entrance there is a public area in the form of a living room, to the left is a kitchen, and then a corridor leading to the rooms, bathroom and boiler room and the second entrance.
The leitmotif of the project of the house of laminated veneer lumber was unity with nature, the architect delicately inscribed the building into the existing building of gas silicate, favorably emphasized the dignity of wood and drew attention to the constructed house.
The choice of a little sloping roof is not accidental: it emphasizes the reliability of glued structures and gives the building a modern look. Covered terrace passes through the facade. And you can go to it from the common space of the kitchen and living room.
The objective of the project was to show how a modern functional home, equipped with "smart" communications, can be harmoniously incorporated into the environment. For painting exterior walls protected by overhangs of the roof, a paint of light gray color was chosen, which further emphasizes the beauty and quality of glued laminated timber. weather resistant material and has a nice appearance. The width of the section of the wall of laminated timber can vary from 160 mm to 240 mm, depending on the seasonality of the operation of the house and the place of its construction.
Modern technology of assembling walls of laminated veneer lumber, the force of the spring nodes "100%" prevent the blowing of walls throughout the entire period of operation of the house.
Modern views of the owners of the house are manifested in interesting interiors and colors.
The layout of this laminated timber house is optimized by the fact that the living room space passes through the entire house, thanks to which the house is single-volume, and one floor allowed to make high ceilings.
The house has everything you need: a huge living room with kitchen, two bedrooms, a thermal vestibule, a boiler room, a bathroom.
From the living room you can go to the terrace. The terrace covering is made of larch treated with special oil.
The terrace can be any desired size. If desired, the project can make the necessary changes to the wishes of the customer.
Communications in this house of glued laminated timber hidden. This eliminates the need to install boxes throughout the house.
Ceramic tiles are laid on the floor - this is a good material for a floor heating system installed in the house. The windows in the house are wooden with double-glazed windows, with slopes and platbands painted at the factory by impregnation method.

View a typical project of the house from maple timber "Eurodom-1" - 80-90 square meters. m

View a typical project of the house of glued timber "Eurodom-2" - 100-120 square meters. m

The main idea at the design stage is to develop and make a house, making it perfect in terms of communications, inexpensive in price, comfortable, convenient, individual.
The project of the house of glued timber "Eurodom-1" designed: hall, living room, kitchen in which the whole family can accommodate, kitchen, furnace, bathroom, platform, terrace, where you can comfortably sit with a cup or get together a large company.

A typical project of a house made of timber - 80-90 square meters

Below we present to your attention the developed project of a house from glued laminated timber and the necessary documentation for its coordination and further construction.

In the project of the house of glued timber:
1. Explanatory note
2. Facades
3. The scheme of the foundation
4. Floor plan with furniture arrangement
5. Roof plan
6. Cuts
Now we will tell you in more detail what the sheets are for and what information they carry:
The first sheet to inform about what was developed for you in the project. A list of regulatory documents. Technical and economic indicators give an idea of ​​the areas and the construction volume of the house.

The second sheet - informs about the space-planning decision of the house, about the supporting structures, external and internal decoration, all wooden elements:

The third sheet: how the future house of glued timber will look from all sides. Level marks are placed on the facades to understand the scale of the house. The dimensions of all openings.

Further the scheme of the base with all sizes. And the layout plan with the furniture layout proposed by the architect.

The next sheet is the roof plan with slope angles and ramp sizes, ridge and overhang marks. The section showing the level of the clean floor, the size of the openings. Waiting for you.

single-storey houses
Number of bedrooms
Wall material
profiled glued laminated timber
house with a terrace

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