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Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew " 214 sq.m

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew " 214 sq.m  Wooden houses in the Canadian style from the company Archiline! The main features of the Canadian style in houses made of logs:
  1. preservation of the natural appearance of the log as the central structural element of the wooden house;
  2. use of logs of large diameters in construction;
  3. Use in the construction of elements Post and Beam;
  4. partial replacement of logs with other elements of wood;
  5. bold architectural solutions: unique designs with panoramic windows, unusual exterior;
  6. strictness of proportions;
  7. large roof height with structural complexity;
  8. Large terraces, frequent use of second light and a spacious hall;
  9. grinding and treatment with antiseptics with an eco-friendly composition;
  10. roofing for wireframe technology;

Studying the Canadian houses, we were able to look with a new look at the Russian style of wooden houses. In it - the essence of the Canadian tradition. The ancestors through Alaska brought their art of building wooden houses to Canada, where a Canadian style, popular with connoisseurs, was formed. The price of this house please specify by phone or mail in contacts. If you want us to build a special house, order an individual design. In this case, the cost is calculated after the production and approval of the project. Below is a series of photos of the house in the Canadian style from the company "Archiline Wooden Houses"

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew"

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew"

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew"

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew"

Wooden house in Canadian style with a terrace - project "Andrew"

Ground floor - plan and interior:

First floor - plan and interior:

Second floor - plan and interior:

Look more:

You can see a video-review of this wooden house "Mirage":

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house «Mirage»:

Wooden house "Mirage" from profiled glued timber 99m2:

Look more:

You can watch a video-review of the wooden house "White House" made of glued laminated timber Archiline Houses:

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house "White Houses" made of glued laminated timber Archiline Houses:

Wooden house made of glued laminated timber "White House":

You can view a 3D-tour of a wooden house "Mirage" and "White House" with augmented reality glasses in the office Archiline Houses. Click here!

three-storey houses
Number of bedrooms
Wall material
rounded log of natural humidity
house with a cabinet, house with a second-level space

If you are interested in wooden house in canadian style with a terrace - project "andrew " 214 sq.m , you may:

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