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Video timelapse, how to build a wooden house in Germany, the Grünke project from Archiline

Video timelapse, how to build a wooden house in Germany, the Grünke project from Archiline

In order to demonstrate their professionalism and skill, ArchiLine has made a video timeplace, where you can see the entire process of building a house from beginning to completion.

A large video of a timeplace, 12 minutes, the construction of a wooden house from glued laminated timber "Grünke", Germany, Lower Saxony, Hannover:


A wooden house is not only a traditional and eco-friendly housing option, but also an opportunity to implement the most daring and original architectural solutions. However, the construction of a wooden house in another country can be a serious challenge related to transportation, installation, coordination and quality control. How is it possible to build a wooden house in Germany using materials and technologies from Belarus? This will be discussed in our article based on the Grunke project from ArchiLine.

Short video of a timeplace, 3 minutes, of the construction of a wooden house from glued laminated timber "Grunke", Germany, Lower Saxony, Hannover:


ArchiLine is a leader in the design and construction of wooden houses made of glued laminated timber in Belarus. The company has its own production facility, where high-quality materials are made from natural wood. The company offers its customers a variety of wooden house projects, as well as a full range of services for the design, installation, decoration and maintenance of houses. The company operates not only in the Belarusian market, but also exports its products to other countries, including Germany.

In the summer of 2021, ArchiLine implemented a unique project - it built a wooden house in Germany, using materials and technologies from Belarus. The house was commissioned by a German client who wanted to have a modern, comfortable and economical home on his plot. The house has dimensions — m x — m — m and area — sq. m. The house has two floors. The house also has black ceramic tiles on the roof, which emphasizes its solidity and elegance.

1st floor plan:

2nd floor plan:

How did you manage to build such a house in such a short time, one construction season? To do this, ArchiLine used the following stages:

• House design. The ArchiLine company has developed an individual project of the house, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client, as well as the features of the site, climate and sanitary standards of Germany. The project of the house was agreed with the customer and received the necessary permits and documents.

• Making a house. The ArchiLine company manufactured all the elements of the house at its production facility in Belarus, using high-quality glued laminated timber and other lumber materials. All elements of the house were numbered and packed in special pallets for transportation.

• Transportation of the house. The ArchiLine company organized the transportation of the house from Belarus to Germany using road transport. In total, 4 cars with elements of the house were delivered, which were unloaded at the customer's site.

• Installation of the house. ArchiLine organized a team of 4 people in Germany for the installation of the house. The team worked using modern equipment and tools, as well as in compliance with all technical and safety standards. The team assembled the house according to the principle of a construction set, connecting the elements of the house by numbers and fixing them with special connectors. The crew installed windows, doors, stairs and other details.

• Decoration of the house. ArchiLine also provided services for the interior and exterior decoration of the house, using materials and equipment from Belarus and Germany. The company has performed all types of work, such as plastering, painting, cladding, flooring, installation of plumbing, furniture, lighting and other interior elements. The company has also equipped a terrace, a swimming pool and a relaxation area on the site. In total, it took 20 days to finish the house.

As a result, ArchiLine built a wooden house in Germany in one construction season. The house turned out to be modern, comfortable and economical, as well as fully meeting the wishes and needs of the client. The client was satisfied with the quality and speed of the company's work, and also expressed his gratitude and recommendations.

If you are interested in video timelapse, how to build a wooden house in germany, the grünke project from archiline , you may:

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