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Wooden house with sauna and swimming pool

Wooden house with sauna and swimming pool

Wooden house with a swimming pool: how to design and build your own corner of coziness and comfort

A wooden house is not only a traditional and eco-friendly housing option, but also an opportunity to implement the most daring and original architectural solutions. One of these solutions is a wooden house with a swimming pool, which combines the advantages of wooden construction and stylish design. Such a house looks spectacular and modern, and also provides comfort and coziness for its residents.

Wooden house with sauna and swimming pool, stages of construction:

A wooden house with a swimming pool can be of different shapes and sizes, depending on your wishes and the characteristics of the site. However, as a rule, such a house consists of several main rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and an entrance hall. In addition, adjacent to the house is a swimming pool, which can be inside or outside the house, indoor or outdoor, large or small, rectangular or irregularly shaped.

Examples of swimming pools in a wooden house taken from the Internet:

In order to design and build a wooden house with a swimming pool, you will need to complete several stages:

• Choose the type of wooden house. Wooden houses can be built from different materials such as logs, beams, frames, or combined. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing. For example, a log home has the most natural and warm look, but requires more time and money to build and maintain. A log house has a flat and smooth surface, but is prone to shrinkage and cracks. A frame house has a light and durable structure, but needs additional insulation and finishing. A combined house combines different materials, but requires complex calculations and approvals.

• Choose the type of pool. Pools can be divided into two main types: built-in and inflatable. Built-in pools are more durable and reliable, but require more cost and work to prepare the bowl, the system of cleaning, heating and lighting the water. Inflatable pools are cheaper and easier to install, but have a shorter lifespan and quality. In addition, pools can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths, depending on your preferences and capabilities.

• Choose a house project with a swimming pool. You can order an individual project of a house with a swimming pool from professional architects or choose a ready-made project from catalogs. When choosing a project, you need to consider not only the appearance and layout of the house, but also its suitability for your site, climate, sanitary and technical standards, as well as your budget. You can also make your changes and wishes to the project, as long as it is possible and does not violate the rules and laws.

• Choose a contractor to build a house with a swimming pool. You can build a house with a swimming pool on your own if you have sufficient knowledge, skills, and equipment, or hire a professional construction company to do all the work for you. When choosing a contractor, you need to check their reputation, experience, licenses, warranties, reviews, and portfolio. You must also conclude a contract that will spell out all the conditions, terms and cost of work, as well as the responsibility of the parties for the quality and safety of construction.

• Supervise the construction process of a house with a swimming pool. During the construction of a house with a swimming pool, you need to regularly visit the construction site, check the progress and quality of the work, pay bills on time, and solve any questions and problems that arise. You can also engage independent experts who will carry out technical and legal supervision of the construction and issue the relevant opinions and certificates. After the construction is completed, you need to obtain a permit to put the house into operation and connect all communications and engineering systems.

A wooden house with a swimming pool is an ideal option for those who want to have their own corner of coziness and comfort on their plot. Such a house will not take up much space, will not require large expenses and will not lose its charm over time. Building a house with a swimming pool is an investment in your health, beauty, and mood. Choose your project of a house with a pool and enjoy life!

Swimming pool in a wooden house: Your own wooden house with a swimming pool is the

dream of any resident of Belarus, exhausted by life in a noisy and dirty city. However, the construction of a swimming pool is quite troublesome and costly. Those who are familiar with the tricks of building a swimming pool in a wooden house will say that the pool is a complex hydraulic structure, and in some cases, you may even need a permit to build it. Only high-quality waterproofing,Both inside and outside, a structure that can withstand pressure on the pool walls will be able to ensure the safe operation of this structure. You should also constantly take care of the pool and maintain cleanliness with the use of special products.

According to its purpose, a swimming pool in a house can be of three types:

therapeutic and recreational.
This is the smallest pool in a wooden house with a volume of half a cube to two and a half cubes. By equipping such a pool with hydromassage, you will get the best option for a small one-story wooden house. –
sanitary and recreational
. The volume of such a pool is from five to eight cubic meters. Most often, it is located near a sauna or bath and is used for bathing and wellness procedures. –
swimming. A swimming pool is considered to be a swimming pool with a volume of twelve cubic meters or more. For one-storey wooden houses of a large area, the most rational option would be to make two swimming pools: a small one for health procedures and a large one for swimming.

wooden house with swimming pool project

When designing a wooden house with a swimming pool, it is best to immediately plan the construction of an extension where the pool will be placed. This is especially true when the groundwater level is high. In this case, the necessary equipment is placed in a separate room or basement and overflow or skimmer bowls are used. For a large swimming pool, a climate control system is most often installed,which maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity. The remaining space around the pool is used for a gym, sauna, showers. The development of a wooden house project with a swimming pool and sauna, as well as a wooden house with a garage, most often requires individual design, taking into account all the needs of a particular client. A well-designed project of a wooden house with a swimming pool allows you to solve a number of problems: – Allows you to harmoniously fit the pool into the general style of the wooden house and correlate it with the landscape of the entire site, – The general plan of the site is taken into account in advance with the allocation of recreation areas, or for planting various crops. If a wooden house is planned to have a ground floor, the pool can be placed on the second floor. By placing a bathroom, gym, showers, pantry or boiler room in the basement, there is enough space next to the pool to arrange a reception room or even a winter garden.
Swimming pool in a one-storey wooden house

One-storey wooden houses also include houses with an attic floor under the roof. In this case, the pool is planned either on the ground floor, which limits its size by the parameters of the house itself, or in an extension, open or glazed. In the second case, there is much more room for imagination, so it is recommended to give preference to the construction of an extension for the arrangement of a swimming pool in a wooden house.

pool in a two-storey wooden house Two-storey wooden houses are more convenient for placing a swimming pool

than one-storey ones. On the second floor, the pool is very rarely placed due to the danger of flooding of the lower floors, more often the lower or basement floors are chosen. When drawing up a project of a wooden house with a swimming pool, it is important to take into account not only the wishes of the customer, but also the technical possibilities of placing the pool in the house. Specialists in the design and construction of wooden houses and swimming pools in They carry out a number of works: - Design of a wooden house with a swimming pool. This stage involves the development of water supply and sewerage plans, the calculation and selection of the necessary equipment, pipes, the choice of the type of pool bowl and the option of its placement. - Assembly of equipment, installation of communications, installation of the bowl. - Checking the equipment for operability. If you entrust the construction of a swimming pool in your wooden house to professionals, there will be no problems.

Will a swimming pool harm a wooden house?

With high humidity, the wood begins to rot, turn blue, various fungi appear, destroying the wood. Therefore, many people, worried about the strength of wooden walls and their aesthetic appearance, refuse to build a wooden house with a swimming pool. And it is completely in vain, because this problem is quite solvable. Firstly, in order to minimize the evaporation of water, it is necessary to ensure an optimal climate in a wooden room with a swimming pool. The air temperature should be 1-2 degrees higher than that of the pool water. A well-thought-out and installed system of supply and exhaust or cross-point ventilation and heating will bring excess vapors outside and provide the necessary temperature. These systems need to work around the clock, so it is rational to think about automatic power reduction at night. As for the wooden walls themselves, special non-removable impregnations are used to protect them. They have been protecting a wooden house with a swimming pool for a dozen years. Impregnation products from large well-known manufacturers are absolutely safe for human health and do not contradict the main advantage of a wooden house - environmental friendliness. In addition to impregnations, paints and colored oils can be used to protect the walls in a wooden house with a swimming pool, which penetrate into the very structure of the wood. These compounds are impermeable to steam and water and have dirt-repellent properties. If you are planning to build a swimming pool in a wooden extension, then you will also need to think about protection from UV rays.

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