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 The FARO Focus X330 LiDAR FARO Focus X330 LiDAR: A Game-Changer in Precision Scanning Technology In the rapidly advancing world of 3D scanning and mapping, the advent of LiDAR technology has revolutionized the way we perceive our surroundings. Among the leaders in this innovative domain, FARO stands out with its groundbreaking Focus X330 LiDAR scanner. A high-precision, long-range device, the Focus X330 is a trailblazer, setting a new standard in the field of 3D laser scanning. The Focus X330, part of FARO’s distinguished line of scanning solutions, embodies the perfect fusion of range, ... more

Data processing in FARO SCENE Software Unleashing the Power of Data Processing with FARO SCENE Software In the ever-evolving landscape of digital construction and 3D modeling, the drive towards achieving high-precision results has never been more critical. That's where FARO SCENE Software, a revolutionary platform for 3D data processing, steps into the spotlight. This powerhouse software is not just a tool but a key to unlocking a world of limitless possibilities in the realm of data processing. The FARO SCENE Software is a game changer, designed to process and manage scanned data both efficiently and ... more

BIM technologies: prospects for cooperation with English-speaking design organizations in Europe BIM technologies: prospects for cooperation with English-speaking design organizations in Europe BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology for information modeling of buildings and structures that allows you to create, analyze, manage and use digital models at all stages of the life cycle of an object. BIM technologies ensure high efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness of the design, construction and operation of buildings and structures, and also contribute to the integration of all project participants into a single information environment. BIM ... more

Biomimetics and bionics in the architecture of the wooden house ProTerra ProTerra House is an example of a successful biomimetic wooden house project that combines different aspects of green architecture: biomimetics, bionics, bio-tech, architectural geonics Biomimetics is the science that studies nature and its solutions to create new technologies, products, and processes. Biomimetics helps humans learn from nature how to live in harmony with the environment, conserve resources, and increase efficiency. Biomimetics is used in various fields, including wooden house construction. The house with the third light "ProTerra" of 214 m² is an example ... more

Wooden house with vertical log wall elements A wooden house with vertical log wall elements is a unique and attractive structure. Such a house has a special charm and creates a cozy atmosphere indoors. Vertical log walls give the house a distinct look and texture. They can be made of natural wood, which adds naturalness and naturalness to the interior. Such walls have good thermal insulation and are able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. In the interior of a wooden house with vertical log wall elements, various decorative elements can be used. For example, you can add wooden beams on the ... more

Export of wooden houses to the EU Archiline, a well-known construction company operating since 2003, is a leader in the export of first-class wooden houses from Belarus to Europe. With a focus on craftsmanship and innovation, Archiline is recognized for its expertise in round logs, profiled timber and laminated timber. This article explores Archiline's remarkable success story, highlighting the key features that make their timber homes so sought after in the European market. Production of rounded logs attractiveness and durability Archiline timber homes are carefully crafted from round logs, giving them ... more

Dialogue in the messenger between the customer and the manufacturer about the construction of a wooden house in the USA, Washington State, Washington, USA Dialogue in the messenger of the customer of a wooden house for construction in the USA, Washington state Vlad (customer): Hello Alex (manufacturer, developer): Hello Vlad: We need a one-story house made of timber with delivery to Washington, USA (USA, Washington state) Alex: Maybe you liked some of the projects on our website or we will produce and build according to your project, maybe there is a technical specification? Vlad: I liked one project from the site Alex: Reset the link, please Vlad: index.pl?act=PRODUCT&id=322 I liked this wooden house and maybe there is ... more

Electrophysical properties of cultivated mushrooms The article presents experimental studies of the electrophysical properties of cultivated mushrooms. During the study, changes in the electrophysical parameters of mushroom plasma (current strength, resistance and current density) were established. The obtained experimental data can be used as identification criteria in the examination of the quality of cultivated mushrooms. When assessing the quality of raw materials and food products, various indicators are determined: organoleptic, physico-chemical, microbiological, etc. In order for the merchandiser to most fully ... more

Kontakt Foreign Trade Specialist: Marina Osmolovskaya (English) +375 29 620 08 85 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) mail@ownwoodenhouse.com Victoria Kuznetsova +375 29 620 05 67 +375 29 620 08 85 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) Skype: Viktoria_archiline exp@ownwoodenhouse.com Architectural construction company ArchiLine Ltd 114-49, Necrasov str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220049 tel +375296200885 ... more

Construction of a wooden house by Belarusians in Germany, Hannover Construction of a wooden house by Belarusians in Germany, Hannover The wooden house was produced in 1 month. It took 3 LKW to deliver the house to Germany. The construction of a wooden house along with a roof and windows was carried out by a team of 3 people within a month. Roofing material - ceramic tiles. Wooden windows made in Belarus. This is the 22nd house built by Archiline in Germany. If you want a wooden house from Belarus, please write to us. ... more

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