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Phytoncides in wooden houses and their fight against bacteria, viruses and coronavirus / COVID-19. True or fiction?

Phytoncides in wooden houses and their fight against bacteria, viruses and coronavirus / COVID-19. True or fiction?  Phytoncides - although this word was not known before, but our ancestors knew the benefits of wooden houses and the walls of wooden coniferous houses. Today, people are more accustomed to relying on chemicals to fight bacteria, viruses (coronavirus in particular), although they have not yet come up with medicines for the latter.

Many rely on medicines to fight diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and coronaviruses / COVID-19 , knowing that not all medicines are effective and, moreover, not all medicines are made on the basis of natural ingredients and from herbal extracts. People spend money on medicines, not always hoping for a good effect.

Have you ever thought that you can organize your life in such a way that the influence of viruses on your body can be nullified? That with the benefit of so many aspects of your life you can build this miracle cure - a wooden house made of coniferous wood.

The pine and spruce walls of wooden houses contain active substances - volatile production. They can protect a person from viruses (which include the coronavirus in particular) of infectious diseases and additionally disinfect the air in the house where you live.

For the first time, phytoncides and their benefits for human health were discussed back in the 30s of the last century. It was then that it became known that phytoncides of plants can protect a person from viruses, fungi and bacteria.

The simplicity and beauty of the construction contributes to the construction of wooden houses in many countries, and the high content of phytoncides in coniferous wood helps to avoid infection by viruses and bacteria, which additionally positively affects human health. And this fact of health care does not have to be discounted.

Phytoncides in wooden houses and the fight against bacteria and viruses:

Over time, people learn to build more modern wooden houses. Although phytoncides can be inhaled simply by walking through the forest, where pines and spruce grow, life in a wooden house helps with diseases of the bronchi and lungs, helps to cope with viral diseases, this is a good prevention of pneumonia. Pine oil helps to defeat tuberculosis by destroying its main pathogen - Koch's wand. Fir volvicides help to avoid whooping cough, and birch - Staphylococcus aureus.
In many countries, patients are recommended the so-called "bathing in the forest", this term is called walking in the forest, when a person actively inhales the aroma and volatile of medicinal plants. The action of essential oils of fresh wood is quite extensive and affects many functions: • Calms the nervous system. • Improve blood circulation. • Normalize heart rate. • Reduce sugar levels. • Strengthen immunity and help fight viruses in the body.

Pine wooden walls repel insects well, and pine volatile plants can kill a tick in 15 minutes.

Differences phytoncides in the fight against bacteria, viruses and coronaviruses.

In addition to being volatile and non-volatile, volatile plants also differ in their effect on microorganisms. Some are able to destroy a bacterium or virus in 5 minutes, while others only inhibit their reproduction. Phytoncide activity depends on the time of year and the amount of ultraviolet radiation received. It is proved that wooden walls, being in the shade, emit fewer phytoncides. Studies have shown that people living near forests and wooden houses live much longer than citizens and are less susceptible to various viral diseases.

In the metropolis, one can also improve the state of health by choosing the right wooden house for life, although, frankly, building a house in the city is more difficult than in the country, which can be understood by the example of this house built in the city.

Coniferous pine and spruce easily destroy most bacteria and viruses and improve the air in the room. Having appeared in your life, a coniferous house will disinfect the air and strengthen the protective functions of the body.

In any case, having a detached wooden house without a common ventilation system with other people's homes, without unnecessary contacts with neighbors in the courtyards and stairwells, the chance to catch the disease is much lower than when living in dense buildings.

The general state of health and immunity of a person living a healthy lifestyle in a healthy wooden house, and its resistance to disease, is much higher than that of an ordinary urban person.

Sleep in a wooden house is a quick regeneration of the body and additional protection of the body in the fight against viruses and coronaviruses.

The main task of sleep is to ensure relaxation of the body, and sleeps better in a wooden house due to the properties of a tree. Sleep in a wooden house also plays an important role in metabolic processes, promotes the processing and storage of information, restores the body's immunity and defenses.

Given that a person spends a third of his life in a dream, the nature of sleep has always been of great interest to scientists. It has been proven that sleep deprivation negatively affects the immune system. In the fight against viruses, including coronavirus, this is very important. One study found that people who got the flu shot and were sleep deprived the next night did not produce the antibodies they needed to protect them from the flu. Therefore, if a person has noticed the first signs of infection, he should sleep.

If you are interested in phytoncides in wooden houses and their fight against bacteria, viruses and coronavirus / covid-19. true or fiction? , you may:

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