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Wooden canopies made of wood for the house, cottage, car

Wooden canopies made of wood for the house, cottage, car

A wooden canopy made of wood near the house will decorate the house, yard, cottage, save the car, complement the landscape with its impeccable appearance.

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The Archiline company manufactures and installs wooden canopies from wood according to our project or individual order. Assemblers will help to assemble a wooden structure on your site in the right place. The production of wooden canopies takes place using new technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

We can order a wooden canopy made of wood of any shape and type:

  1. Wooden canopy with a pitched roof - as an extension to the main building;

  2. Wooden canopy with gable roof

  3. Wooden canopy with pitched roof

Wooden canopy made of wood can be used as:

  1. Veranda

  2. covered terrace

  3. Wooden carport

Consultation of our architect with departure in Minsk and in the Minsk region - free of charge. When ordering a wooden canopy made of wood, a loan is possible. Our production can make a wooden canopy of any size and shape.

Wooden carports made of wood for cars:

In Belarus weather conditions, a wooden carport is a must. This is an opportunity to shelter the car from rain, snow and sunlight. The sun ruins the varnish, the rain leaves marks on the car, the leaves clog the drains. A wooden canopy avoids these troubles.

For the manufacture of a wooden canopy made of wood according to the project of the customer, it will be necessary to inform the architect of the following parameters:

  1. The height of the wooden canopy;

  2. Wooden canopy roof shape

  3. Width and length of a wooden canopy;

A wooden canopy made of wood "Archiline" is:

  1. The oldest company in the Belarusian and foreign markets for the installation of wooden awnings for the office, home, cottage, and the installation of awnings is a well-established process in our hands;
  2. Own raw material base, production workshop, allow us to provide a low price, with high quality materials;
  3. Anti-fungal treatment of wood, polycarbonate 8 mm thick, various color options;
  4. A proven process for the preparation of materials and installation of wooden carports for a car will allow you not to think about how to build a carport yourself
  5. The design of the canopy is made of glued laminated timber, and allows you to install it in any place convenient for you.
  6. A wooden carport is mounted without the use of heavy equipment, which reduces the installation time. Can be mounted directly to the entrance gate.
  7. After completion of the work, construction debris is removed without fail.
  8. By ordering a wooden canopy from us, you will receive high quality and a guarantee.

It is easy to buy a wooden carport for a car - call us or write to the messenger indicated in the contacts.

An architect will come to your site, take measurements, we will demonstrate samples at the office, consult on all issues and draw up a contract. Contacting our company is an opportunity to deliver a wooden carport quickly and at the lowest possible price.

In the company "Archiline" you can order a wooden canopy according to a finished sketch or under an individual order by calling +375296200567 . You will receive a consultation and place an order for a canopy with installation in Belarus, in Minsk

Wooden carports with an optimal price / quality ratio are made of timber, glued timber, logs. Glued laminated timber has high mechanical strength, is designed for operation in a wide temperature range and is considered one of the most elite materials.

Wooden canopies made of wood: what do they protect from?

Wooden canopies are installed in order to protect people and cars from the effects of precipitation. Canopies protect from rain, snow, hail, ultraviolet rays.

The roof of a wooden canopy made of wood can be:


arched shape





The roof of a wooden canopy made of wood can be from:

  1. Ceramic tiles

  2. Metal tile.

  3. Soft roof

  4. Polycarbonate

Wooden canopies made of wood have a number of useful properties. They include:

  1. A wooden canopy is a long service life;

  2. The wooden canopy is UV resistant;

  3. The wooden canopy is - high mechanical strength;

  4. A wooden canopy is a small mass

Wooden carport made of wood for cars - what is the price with installation?

A carport is the most popular option and we try to keep competitive prices for carports with installation, for customers with different financial capabilities.

The price of a wooden carport in our company starts from $ 2500, including production, delivery and installation on site.

When deciding where to buy a wooden carport with installation, pay attention to the advantages of our company:

  1. Own production of wooden awnings

  2. Treaty

  3. Great prices

  4. Fast and high-quality installation

  5. Warranty up to 5 years

Wooden carports made of wood are made in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials - timber, glued laminated timber, logs, taking into account the preferences of the most demanding customers.

In our company you can buy a wooden canopy made of wood of any type:

1.Wooden canopy in one slope - frame with triangular brackets

2. arched type

3. dome structure

Wooden carport or garage? What to choose?

Carports protect the car from rain, snow and hail or UV radiation and have a number of advantages compared to garages:

A wooden canopy is the relative speed of construction;

A wooden canopy is - take up less space on the site;

A wooden canopy is - do not require approvals

This wooden canopy can be placed in any convenient place on the site;

A wooden canopy is - there is no problem of condensate on the body, as in the garage storage of cars.

The wooden canopy is - the car is well ventilated;

This wooden canopy is relatively easy to dismantle, move;

A wooden canopy is - the absence of walls increases the capacity of the canopy

A wooden canopy is the ease of loading a car, landing passengers.

It is believed that wood loses to metal and plastic in terms of durability, but if properly processed, a wooden canopy will last a long time. Wood is a natural material, safe for humans and has excellent aesthetic properties.

Is it worth ordering a wooden canopy from specialists or do it yourself on your site? There is a category of work that, for safety reasons, it is better to entrust to professionals, a wooden canopy is one of them.

Before ordering the construction of a wooden canopy, you need to decide on its project.

Wooden canopies made of wood structurally can be:

  1. Wooden canopy - Annex. The canopy on one side rests on the wall of the structure to which it is attached. With the same roof as the main building.

  2. Wooden canopy - Stationary. Completely independent object.

Wooden carports are stylish, beautiful, original, easy to fit into the landscape. Structures are being built quickly. Depending on the type, a carport on a suburban area can be built in 1-2 days. To protect against external influences, the wood of the canopy is treated with antiseptics and flame retardants

The main structural elements of a wooden canopy made of wood:

  1. Pillars. For the manufacture of supports, a rounded log or timber with a section of 80x80 or 90x90 mm is used.

  2. Beams and struts.

  3. Rafters and lathing. Beam 150x15 mm.

  4. The roof is an ondulin, a metal tile, a professional flooring, polycarbonate.

A wooden carport made of wood can be - for one, two, three, four cars

Total: a wooden carport, you can assemble it yourself, but it’s better to turn to professionals and buy it on a turnkey basis at a good price. We have a large catalog of drawings of wooden canopies with photos. One of the most popular is a shed wooden carport for a private house according to a finished project.

If you are interested in wooden canopies made of wood for the house, cottage, car , you may:

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