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Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries of the world

Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries of the world

Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries of the world
ACC Archiline Ltd. produce and delivers wooden house kits, wooden saunas, summerhouses and pergolas to the countries of EU, Asia, Africa, America and Australia!


Keen interest in wooden houses from Belarus is clear: quality of Archiline wooden houses is high, while the price is pretty low in comparison to its European counterparts.

Export of wooden houses is a difficult and responsible process that requires knowledge of many nuances. Also, not every wooden house can be exported to the European Union without quality revalidation. That is why ACC Archiline received the Certificate of constancy of performance of the production and European Technical Assessment ETA 14/. These documents confirm the quality of our product and allow us to use CE marking on it.

Wooden houses by the company Archiline Wooden Houses built in Europe:

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Baden-Wurttemberg" - Germany

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Danube" - Germany

Wooden house of rounded log "Voiteck" - Poland

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Sun" - Poland

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Romuald" - Poland

Wooden house of log "Congress" - Poland

Wooden house of log "Oster" - Netherland

Wooden house of log "Van Dijk 2" - Netherland

Wooden house of log "Van Dijk" - Netherland

Why choose us?
- We offer only high quality products, respect our customers value our name.
- We'll show you the houses that are already built and houses under construction, you will be able to communicate not only with our engineers and designers, but also with customers
- You will have an opportunity to see the quality of our materials and works, get professional advice of our specialists, and choose the best option of the house design and its characteristics: plan, elevation marks, wall thickness, type of material (glued timber, rounded logs, and so on.).
- Our designers will work out in details the design of the house; take into account your wishes together with the requirements of reliability and durability of the building.
- We have an experience of export supplies; we know the specifics of the preparation of documents and customs clearance. We have extensive business contacts with road carriers, thus, we can make delivery of your house carefully in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.
- You don’t need to risk before the manufacturing of the house kit and make an advance payment of 90-100% of the order cost. All payments are made in stages.

Installation supervision of a wooden house
We can help you to assemble the house in your country on the finished foundation. We will provide you with our specialists in an amount of 1-2 people, who will supervise the process on the construction site. With the help of local workers in the amount of 2-4 people, we will build your house in 3-4 weeks.

How to order a wooden house?
Want to live in a warm, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful house?
For this you need to do only 4 steps:

1. Select the material for the construction of walls
Round logs
Glued laminated timber
Profiled timber

Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries

Round logs and profiled timber can be of natural humidity of technically dried. You can ask our specialists about the differences, pros and cons of each type of material.


Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Baden-Wurttemberg" - Germany:

Wooden house of glued laminated timber "Danube":

2. Choose the component parts of the house kit
Usually a kit of a wooden house for export includes:
- Wooden walls (glulam, profiled timber, logs)
- Wooden nails;
- Sealant;
- Ceiling beams;
- Floor beams;
- Rafters for the roof system;
- Poles;
- Lathing.
All wooden elements are treated with high quality wood preservative.
Additionally, the price for the kit of the house may include wooden windows, installation supervision, wooden stairs and other elements.
Shipping cost is calculated individually.
Our wooden houses are equipped with all the necessary documents for passing the customs border of Belarus:
- Phytosanitary certificate;
- CMR;
- Contract;
- Invoice and so on.

I want a "turnkey" project

Our customers from abroad often ask us about the possibility of ordering a house with all the additional elements like foundation, roofing, flooring, electrical wiring, water pipes, etc.

Please note that it is economically pointless for you to order all these elements from Belarus for the following reasons:

1. In Belarus, the overwhelming number of construction and decoration materials (except wood) is imported from abroad. Therefore, there is no reason to sell you the materials, which came under the double tariffs (when importing to the territory of Belarus and exporting from it). Another reason is transport. For example, there is no use exporting concrete for foundations or roof covering from Belarus because the price you’ll pay for the shipping will be even higher than the price of the materials.

2. In every country customers has their own traditions, wishes, which are just impossible to take into account during the production of a house kit. If you order only wooden part of the house, it will give you a chance to choose other materials in the region where you live, you will be able to take into account all the nuances and purchase materials that meet your expectations on price, quality, color and design.

Wooden house of log "Congress" - Poland:

3. Select the design of the house on our website
Or just send your own (floor plans with dimensions, height and width of walls etc.) to our mail - or Or simply contact us!

4. Our experts will make the necessary calculations considering delivery of the house to your place, discuss with you the dates of delivery, methods of payment and all the stages of our cooperation

Once you have gone through all these 4 steps - Voila! You are a happy owner of eco-friendly wooden house, which will have positive affect on your health and the health of your family members. You’re the owner of the house, where you will spend many happy days, a house that will breathe with you.

Why we can’t tell the "approximate" price of the house?

As professionals, we do not waste words. We never name the price of the order, without knowing:
- Elements of the house kit
- Walls material and thickness
- Architectural design of the house (houses of the same area, constructed of the same material may differ in price due to different number of internal partitions, rafters, etc.)

Based on your wishes, we will prepare the relevant calculations and make an offer.
Usually, house kits are delivered by trucks directly to the customer construction site.
For these purposes, we use truck with load capacity up to 20 tons.
A small wooden house or sauna can be placed in one truck. If the amount of materials for your house is more than one truck can contain, the shipment is being divided in parts: first truck – the bottom part of the house (so you can immediately begin to assemble it), then the upper part.
Our experts will make the necessary calculations and determine the number of trucks for you!

The possible variant of shipment to America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania is by sea in 20 and 40-foot containers.

There are a lot of important details in exporting of wooden houses abroad, the ignorance of which can lead to big problems. It is important to know the climatic conditions of the Customer's country and special wood preservatives.

Lack of experience may lead to a massive blue discoloration of wood and log cracking. Also, there can be mistakes in the customs documents and certificates, and this will cause delays of delivery, unloading on the border, and many other problems. That’s why it’s very important to work with professionals in this field.

ACC Archiline Ltd. has 12 years of experience in wooden construction and exportation of wooden houses. Commit your life and your future to professionals!

Look more:

You can watch a video-review of the wooden house "White House" made of glued laminated timber Archiline Houses:

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house "White House" made of glued laminated timber Archiline Houses:

Wooden house made of glued laminated timber "White House"

Look more:

You can see a video-review of the wooden house "Mirage":

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house «Mirage»:

Wooden house "Mirage" from profiled glued timber 99m2:

You can view a 3D-tour of a wooden house "Mirage" and "White House" with augmented reality glasses in the office Archiline Houses. Click here!

ArchiLine exports wooden houses to .... ArchiLine does construction of wooden houses in…:

  1. Australia / Canberra
  2. Austria / Vienna
  3. Angola
  4. Azerbaijan / Baku
  5. Afghanistan / Kabul
  6. Albania / Албания
  7. Tirana / Тирана
  8. Algeria / Algiers
  9. Argentina / Buenos Aires
  10. Armenia / Yerevan
  11. Bahamas / Nassau
  12. Bahrain / Manama
  13. Bangladesh / Dacca
  14. Belarus / Minsk
  15. Belgium / Brussels
  16. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  17. Brunei
  18. Bermuda Islands / Hamilton
  19. Bolivia / La Paz
  20. Brazil / Brasilia
  21. Bulgaria / Sofia
  22. Burundi / Bujumbura
  23. Cambodia / Pnompenh
  24. Cameroon / Yaounde
  25. Canada / Ottawa
  26. Chile / Santiago
  27. China / Beijing / Peking
  28. Colombia / Bogota
  29. Congo / Brazzaville
  30. Costa Rica / San Jose
  31. Cuba / Havana
  32. Cyprus / Nicosia
  33. Czech Republic / Prague
  34. Denmark / Copenhagen
  35. Dominican Republic / Santo Domingo
  36. Ecuador / Quito
  37. Egypt / Cairo
  38. El Salvador / San Salvador
  39. Estonia / Tallinn
  40. Ethiopia / Addis Ababa
  41. Finland / Helsinki
  42. France / Paris
  43. Georgia / Tbilisi
  44. Germany / Berlin
  45. Ghana / Accra
  46. Gibraltar / Gibraltar Town
  47. Great Britain / United Kingdom / London
  48. Greece / Athens
  49. Guatemala / Guatemala City
  50. Guinea / Conakry
  51. Haiti / Port-au-Prince
  52. Hawaii / Honolulu
  53. Honduras / Tegucigalpa
  54. Hong Kong / Hong Kong
  55. Hungary / Budapest
  56. Iceland / Reykjavik
  57. India / New Delhi
  58. Indonesia / Jakarta
  59. Iran / Tehran
  60. Iraq / Baghdad
  61. Ireland / Dublin
  62. Israel / Jerusalem
  63. Italy / Rome
  64. Ivory Coast / Abidjan
  65. Jamaica / Kingston
  66. Japan / Tokyo
  67. Jordan
  68. Kazakhstan / Astana
  69. Kenya / Nairobi
  70. Kuwait / Kuwait City
  71. Kyrgyzstan / Bishkek
  72. Latvia / Riga
  73. Lebanon / Beirut
  74. Liberia / Monrovia
  75. Libya / Tripoli
  76. Lithuania / Vilnius
  77. Luxemburg / Luxemburg
  78. Madagascar / Antananarivo
  79. Malawi / Lilongwe
  80. Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur
  81. Malta / Valletta
  82. Mexico / Mexico City
  83. Moldova / Chisinau (Kishinev)
  84. Monaco / Monaco-Ville
  85. Mongolia / Ulan Bator
  86. Morocco / Rabat
  87. Nepal / Kathmandu
  88. Netherlands / Holland / Amsterdam
  89. New Zeland / Wellington
  90. Nicaragua / Managua
  91. Nigeria / Lagos
  92. North Korea / Pyongyang
  93. Norway / Oslo
  94. Oman / Muscat
  95. Pakistan / Islamabad
  96. Panama / Panama City
  97. Papua New Guinea / Port Moresby
  98. Paraguay / Asuncion
  99. Peru / Lima
  100. Philippines / Manila
  101. Poland / Warsaw
  102. Portugal / Lisbon
  103. Puerto Rico / San Juan
  104. Romania / Bucharest
  105. Russia / Moscow
  106. Rwanda / Kigali
  107. Saudi Arabia / Riyadh
  108. Senegal / Dakar
  109. Sierra Leone / Freetown
  110. Singapore / Singapore City
  111. Slovakia / Bratislava
  112. Slovenia / Ljubljana
  113. Somalia
  114. South Africa / Pretoria
  115. South Korea / Seoul
  116. Spain / Madrid
  117. Sri Lanka / Colombo
  118. Sudan / Khartoum
  119. Sweden / Stockholm
  120. Switzerland / Berne
  121. Syria / Damascus
  122. Taiwan / Taipei
  123. Tajikistan / Dushanbe
  124. Thailand / Bangkok
  125. Togo / Lome
  126. Tunisia / Tunis
  127. Turkey / Ankara
  128. Turkmenistan / Ashgabat
  129. Uganda / Kampala
  130. Ukraine / Kyiv (Kiev)
  131. United Arab Emirates / Abu Dhabi
  132. United States of America / USA / Washington
  133. Uruguay / Montevideo
  134. Uzbekistan / Tashkent
  135. Venezuela / Caracas
  136. Yemen / Sana'a
  137. Zaire / Kinshasa
  138. Zambia / Lusaka

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