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Information resources where you can buy a house in Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk

Information resources where you can buy a house in Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk

To buy a house, you need to accumulate information. This article lists the most popular resources for selling houses in Belarus.

Mobile wooden house, project "Pine" price 14.300 €

Mobile wooden house "White Forest" price 33.300 €

– Houses for sale in Minsk– gohome.by


Do you want to buy a house near Minsk in the private sector inexpensively and without intermediaries? Favorable prices for the sale of houses in Minsk or near the city.

– Sale of cottages in Minsk – domovita.by:


Domovita.by makes it easy to choose and buy a house in Minsk! A large database of the latest offers for the sale of private houses with prices, photos of objects.

– Sale of houses, cottages in Minsk – resta.by


Proposals for the sale of houses and cottages in Minsk. Resta - fresh and relevant ads for the sale of cottages and houses.

– Buy a house or cottage in Minsk and Minsk region - hata.by


There would be a desire to buy a cottage, but an offer can be found on hata.by

– Sale of houses and cottages in Minsk and Minsk region– realt.by:


Do you want to buy a cottage in Minsk and Minsk region? On Realt.by there are only fresh ads for the sale of cottages near Minsk with photos.

– Sale of houses, cottages in the Minsk region – kufar.by:


You can buy or sell a house, a cottage in the Minsk region on Kufar.

– Suburban real estate and houses - Onliner.by:


At home. Cottages. Sale / Purchase / Exchange onliner.by.

– Sell, buy a house near Minsk and in Minsk - Domania.by:


– Sale of houses, cottages, summer cottages - Minsk, Minsk region - Nb.by:


If you have the opportunity to purchase suburban real estate, you cannot neglect such a chance.

– Selling a cottage, house - Kvartirant.by:


Review article: how to buy a house and not make the wrong choice

Thoughts to buy a house visited me for a long time: a change of scenery was required, there was a desire to retire in the bosom of nature and enjoy solitude, birdsong, the sound of the wind in the crowns of trees, the smell of mown grass, hay, approaching, as Buddhists say, to the knowledge of Zen. One of the conditions for acquiring suburban real estate for me was the presence of a natural reservoir - a lake or a river, a forest, and in general this place should be interesting in terms of its subsequent research during short-term bike trips. Having set a task for myself, I began to study the market ...

Как купить дом

Features of the real estate market

Buying a house is not an easy task. First, you need to decide on the amount that you can allocate from your family budget for the purchase of real estate. By the way, if, as the people say, your chickens don’t peck money, then the task is greatly simplified. It is enough to contact a real estate agency and its specialists will quickly select several options for you that meet your needs. If you have a limited budget, then in this case you should rely only on your own strength.

Studying the real estate market, I came to the conclusion: you can buy a house yourself, without resorting to the services of third parties. On the Internet, specialized sites offer a wide variety of houses: from budget to luxury. Actually, I recommend looking for a house in the area where you live, so that later trips to a country house do not take away precious time from you, and you can quickly change the urban environment to a rural one.

Today there is a tendency when real estate in rural areas is not just growing, but on the contrary decreasing in price. I'm not talking about the outskirts of Minsk, regional cities, where house prices are still much higher. In this context, I mean residential houses in villages that are located in the vicinity of regional centers. For example, the cost of an ordinary one-story log house in villages starts at 2.5 thousand Belarusian rubles. Agree, it's very cheap. Do not think that this is a wrecked house in need of major repairs, rotten from base to roof. We will talk about such houses below. To buy a house for 2.5 thousand Belarusian rubles means to buy quite good-quality housing, in which, if you wish, you can put things in order in your own way. Moreover, it is easy to organize summer living in such a house, and in winter it will be warm and cozy in it, provided that the stove is well heated. The load for such a house, as a rule, includes: a land plot with a garden, an outbuilding, a toilet, a bath. Yes, maybe all this is no longer new, but something else is important: the spiritual comfort that you will gain by plunging into an uncomplicated rural life.

Как купить дом

I will say right away that the area of ​​such houses rarely exceeds 50 square meters. But if the goal is to buy a holiday home, not a permanent residence, there are no serious requirements for living conditions, such a structure can be considered for purchase.

By deciding to buy this type of house, you can also expect to be electrified. This is also an important aspect, because you no longer have to spend money on supplying electricity to the structure, and this is still paperwork.

Budget houses vary in price, as I said, from 2.5 to 10 thousand rubles. These are, as a rule, inhabited buildings with a minimum set of living conditions (the presence of water and sewerage in the house is a great success, but such options are also found). It is easiest to buy a house of this type, because it has an affordable price, and it does not require relatively large investments in the future. It cannot be said that this is a disadvantageous purchase. By the way, try to build a small house for 2.5 thousand Belarusian rubles. I am sure that you are unlikely to succeed, since some building materials are not cheap today, not to mention hiring builders to perform the entire range of works.

The advantages of such a house:

- relative cheapness;

- it is not difficult to buy a house, as there are many profitable offers on the market;

- the presence of a bonus in the form of outbuildings, a bathhouse, a more or less equipped personal plot;

- the opportunity to live in such a house immediately after purchase.

Как купить дом

What else did you notice? The presence of a reservoir near the house significantly increases its cost. Two relatively identical houses in different places - with and without a reservoir - can differ in price quite decently. So when you decide to buy a lake house, get ready to splurge. Even a budget house can cost a tidy sum, but not, of course, what is asked for new or remodeled houses. And yet ... In general, the environment also has an impact on the final value of the home. By the way, in order to buy a house near the city, three to five kilometers away, in a place where there is no lake, but at the same time it is possible to get there by personal or public transport, you will have to pay an amount equal to about 30-40 percent of the cost of the same type of housing. located within the city limits.

The second type of suburban housing is houses rebuilt in a modern way. That is, these are houses that were built ten, twenty, and even thirty years ago, but subsequently thoroughly reconstructed. From one-story, as a rule, they are turned into two-story. Such houses expand, make window openings wider, give preference to open-plan rooms. Of the amenities, there is supplied water, and sewerage, and a toilet inside, and a shower room ... Buying a house of this type is already more difficult - the demand for them is higher, and the supply, as it turned out, is less. The fact is that if such houses are sold, then they are guided by certain reasons, and therefore the seller wants to bail out as much money as possible for his goods. The average cost of such suburban housing is 20-30-50 thousand Belarusian rubles. For this money, you get a pretty decent house, which will not require investment for the next 10 years. Such housing will be more valuable if it is located not far from a large settlement - a city, if there is a developed transport connection. The area of ​​such houses can reach 100-120 square meters, which makes it possible to evaluate such housing for permanent comfortable living.

House for demolition

Buying a house for demolition is another option for acquiring modern suburban housing. By the way, a systematic policy is being conducted in Belarus today to involve orphaned village houses in economic circulation. Local executive committees collect information about empty and dilapidated houses, looking for their owners. If they find it, they offer to either take care of the houses and the adjacent territories, or officially refuse such real estate. In this case, the house is put up for auction and sold at a price of up to 1,000 rubles. In this case, one cannot count on the acquisition of any decent house. Such buildings, as a rule, did not receive proper care for many years, therefore, they were dilapidated, losing their operational qualities. Therefore, you can buy a house of this type only for demolition, so that a new house can then be built on this site.

Where can I find houses for auction? As a rule, the lists are posted on the websites of the executive committees. There are also photographs and a detailed description of the object. Please note that you will need to add to the cost of this house the cost of demolishing the house, disposal of waste to a landfill. This, of course, provided that the wall elements have lost all their operational qualities and they can no longer be used in the construction of, say, a utility room for temporary storage of inventory, building materials, tools.

Expensive (elite) houses

High-priced houses on the Belarusian real estate market are presented in two segments:

- realized by the owners;

- implemented by developer companies.

It is important to note that the starting price of these buildings starts from 120 thousand Belarusian rubles (approximately 50 thousand dollars at the exchange rate as of June 30, 2020). Buying a house from this category, as a rule, is expected by those who are going to acquire permanent housing in the city. But this is not the only reason for the high price tag. As a rule, these are houses built according to modern projects, in areas where all the necessary engineering communications are available: electricity, gas, water supply (cold and hot), sewage, telecommunications, convenient access roads. The area of ​​such houses starts from 150-200 square meters.

Buying a house that is being sold by its owner means initially agreeing that the building has already been in operation not a year or two, but much more. However, there are exceptions in the form of the sale of completely new or completely unfinished houses. In this case, there is a chance to hope for a discount: the seller, as a rule, initially sets a slightly inflated price for the goods, so that later they can have a healthy bargaining.

Expensive houses from developer companies are offered, as a rule, in residential complexes that are located in a green area. And in this case, there is a possibility of buying a house profitably: developer companies often arrange promotions, in which they reduce house prices. At the same time, they offer houses in varying degrees of readiness and configuration, which allows the buyer in the future to also save on finishing or plan the interior space of the house based on their own preferences.

Three reasons to buy a house

It is not necessary to read this section for those who have already decided on the purchase of suburban housing, or decided to buy a house based on the desire to get hold of a living space for permanent residence. Here we will talk about the advantages of owning a home, because it is important to take into account not only your own aspirations, but also to correlate them with expediency, benefits and advantages received. So, let's begin.

Buying a house means acquiring additional living space. For example, you are the owner of an apartment in which you permanently live and decided to make major repairs in it. It will be easier to accomplish this if you completely leave the apartment, leaving it to the master finishers. This will save your own nerves and speed up the repair process. Of course, buying a house just for the sake of repairing an apartment is an inappropriate waste of money. In this context, I want to say that an additional house allows you to solve many other problems, including the organization of quality rest on weekends and on vacations.

To buy a house means to return to our roots, because we all come from the village, it means to join the foundations that existed many years ago, when people did not yet know about apartment buildings. By the way, in the early 50s in the USA, after looking at the experience of the USSR, they began to actively build multi-storey apartment buildings - they also tried to solve the housing problem of the population in this way. However, as the experience of their operation and a number of studies by psychologists have shown, people living in such high-rise buildings, over time, acquired the thinking of people from the ghetto. That is, a person who has lived in an apartment for many years, surrounded by neighbors from all sides, becomes more secretive, unsociable, distrustful. Against this background, a sluggish stress state develops. According to scientists, the human psyche is tuned to the state of the cocoon. About ten years later, this project with the construction of high-rise buildings in the United States was scrapped. As we know, the government adopted a course towards the formation of a large middle class capable of earning money and buying a house on its own. Therefore, since the 60s in America, they began to actively develop complexes of private individual buildings, which also come in a variety of price segments: from budget to elite. It is the house that allows a person to feel free, unrestrained, confident in himself and his strength. And it doesn't matter what kind of house it is - cheap or expensive, here, according to psychologists, the effect of individualism works, when a person is internally happy with his achievements.

Buying a house today means providing yourself with an excellent investment for many years. Real estate, as you know, does not lose its price over the years, and in some years, when the prerequisites are taking shape on the market, it can significantly increase in value. A house is not a car from the salon, which the next day loses almost a third of its value, and over the years its price decreases significantly. Having a house opens up an opportunity not only to save, but also to increase money savings. If you look at the statistics of prices for secondary real estate in the period from 2010 to 2019 in Belarus, a clear trend emerges: during this time, real estate has increased in price by 60 percent, excluding the exchange rate difference. This dynamic is observed not only in our country, but also in Western Europe: people increasingly regard their own housing as an essential element of stability and security. But in the 80-90s in European countries, and in the United States, the idea was actively promoted that a person could live in rental housing all his life. From the advantages, the argument was made that a person who is not tied to his own home, and, therefore, to a permanent place of residence, can freely move within the framework of the European Union. This was done with the aim of providing the state with a constant influx of fresh labor. However, the troubles with the global economy have shown that if you buy a house today, you will provide yourself for many years with that corner that will allow you to survive not the best times of crisis. Yes, housing in Europe is expensive, but it justifies itself in all of the above items. It is not for nothing that for a long time a person has sought to buy a house or build it, acquire a household, having received an inner awareness of his own security.


There is an opportunity to buy a house in Belarus today, and this is the main thing. Which is a question related to the amount of the amount that you are willing to spend on its purchase. Actually, the real estate market offers houses of various price categories - the choice is yours. Before buying a house, answer the questions for yourself: for what purposes do you need this property? Are you ready to spend money on its maintenance in the future? It is important to understand that a house is not a toy that you bought, played with it and forgot ... This is a real investment that largely determines your future life.

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