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Land plot, sale, auction in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region

Land plot, sale, auction in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region  To build a house you need a plot. The real estate market has always been present and there are proposals for the sale of old houses, unfinished cottages or just building plots. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. And interest in a particular offer depends on the amount of money in your pocket and ideas about your own home.

Addresses and phone numbers of village councils for sale, auction and provision of land plots (Minsk region) Click!

Information resources where you can buy a plot of land (Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region) Click!

Mobile wooden house, project "Pine" price 14.300 €

Mobile wooden house "White Forest" price 33.300 €

The old house on the plot is an option for those who do not currently have their own homes, and I want to immediately live in my house, and then engage in its reconstruction: to change partitions, to lay bricks, to insulate, to change windows, etc. Some build walls on top of the house and then destroy what is left inside.

The disadvantage of this option is a waste of money for the purchase of a house, which, in the end, will be dismantled. And also, sometimes it is not possible to make a full-fledged house for living without a solid reconstruction. This option of buying a dilapidated house is advisable if the site is well located, when the value of the house does not play an important price component.

Unfinished houses - this is the preferred option, who has the time price. These unfinished buildings can also include the erected foundation with or without a plinth, the sale of the box is also possible, and there are many such options and combinations. There is a garage, makeshift on the site. Sometimes you can find very good options for such buildings. The main advantage is that the house can be built faster than starting from scratch.

If you are lucky enough to buy a plot for construction, in this case, the owner has monetary advantages against ready-made or partially finished houses or cottages. The fact is that if you build a house yourself, the price you pay will be 25-50% lower than its market value. The secret is simple, usually construction work is estimated based on the price of the material. So, putting a brick will often cost as much as the brick itself. Sometimes, the price for work can be twice as high in relation to the cost of the material.

Individual housing construction - this is the way to purchase housing at an adequate price. Starting from scratch, you can embody all your desires in a particular project of the house. Most importantly, you can consider all the details of construction.

For example, if you approach the issue of building a house tightly, you can correctly assess your capabilities and, making a start from them, make the right choice. The site owner can cope with the construction of the house. The main thing during the construction is moderation and desire. Erecting a foundation, walls, a roof with his own hands, the developer will be sure that no one deceived him when laying the foundation, and instead of 1.2 m of the foundation deep he did not receive one and a half times less depth. Or, when dealing with unscrupulous builders, the owner of the site has not lost a couple of quintals of cement.

What questions are interested in by people interested in sites, we studied the Belarusian Internet to answer this question:

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You can see a video-review of this house "Mirage":

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