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How to choose a plot of land for constructing a house?

How to choose a plot of land for constructing a house?  How to approach to the choice of a plot of land? Definitely, it is an iimportant part in the construction of a house, affecting construction costs of the house and cost price of further living there.

When choosing a plot of land iit is important to bear in mind such parameters:
1. Type of permitted use.
2. Geological conditions.
3. Ecological conditions.

Addresses and phone numbers of village councils for sale, auction and provision of land plots (Minsk region) Click!

Information resources where you can buy a plot of land (Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region) Click!

By type of permitted use of land is divided into IZhS, LPH, DNP and SNT. IZhS plots are intended for building a house. This land by itself is expensive, but all the infrastructure on it is provided publicly-funded.

Land properties are intended for construction of a single-family house on it and Private subsidiary farm. In fact, these lands are not much different from the lands of individual housing construction, but, as a rule, they are more distant from the city center.

Other words, personal subsidiary plot is a provincial alternative of individual housing construction. The cost of such land is slightly lower than individual housing construction. The lands of PUD are for dacha cooperatives. They can also build a house. It will be even easier to do this than on the lands of IZhS and LPH, since a building permit is not required for such houses.

The entire infrastructure on the lands of the NPD is provided from the funds of the members of the cooperative, which is why these lands initially cost less than individual housing construction and private farms, however, living on such a plot would be more expensive due to higher contributions. Land SNT are allotted for the cultivation of gardens and gardens. To build a house on such a plot would be quite problematic, and it is completely impossible to register in it.

Geological conditions of the land plot imply the type of soil and the level of groundwater. For civil construction firstpreference are plots of land on nonfossil organic soils with a low base of subterranean water.

As relevant, the least preference should be given to the areas on uplift soils with a high level of underground water. Sands and clay loam soils are classified as non-stony soils. Level of underground water won't be high on higher elevations. Therefore, in lowland areas, it is probably higher.

Special attention should be given to the plots in peat bogs because peat is not suitable for. a house construction. It can be resolved with stilts or by digging out of peat and infilling a building area with gravel chippings or grail.

Environmental situation on the site also needs attention. Few of us will enjoy breathing polluted air or drinking poisoned water. Therefor, it will be observed not only on the presence or absence of landfills or factories but also take into account some of the finer points by ekistics.

So, for example,for ekistics, industrial areas that discharge to the atmosphere repugnant substances have to be built leeward of the town.

Factories and cleansing structures that empty waste into the water tank are usually located down stream of the river as relating to town. Thus, unpolluted areas are on windwardly side and and higher up the river as relating to town.

Paying attention to these aspects will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses while building a house and to make further living as comfortable as possible.

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