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Buy land in Moscow, Russia. Where to find out the prices?

Buy land in Moscow, Russia. Where to find out the prices?

Russian resources on the Internet where you can find offers for land in Moscow:

1. Buy land in Moscow:


Ads for the sale of houses in Moscow. TSIAN - the latest and relevant ads for the sale of real estate.

2. Buy land for building a house in Moscow


Buy a house in Moscow. Search by area.

3. Land for sale - Moscow:


Land for sale in Moscow - ads for sale

4. Buy land for a house in Moscow without intermediaries:


The property. Sale of houses, villas, land.

5. Buy a plot of land for a house, cottage in Moscow:


Sale of land for houses, cottages in the Moscow region.

6. Buy a plot of land for a house in Moscow - ads for the sale of land:


Sale of land for construction of houses in Moscow, ads with photos. Land prices. Buy land for a house in Moscow.

7. Buy land in Moscow without intermediaries:


Fresh offers - to buy land for a house in Moscow without intermediaries in the base of suburban housing.

8. Land plots and real estate - buy houses, cottages, land - prices and offers for Avito:


Ads for the sale, purchase and lease of land and real estate.

9. Buy land for a house, cottage in Moscow, Russia.


Buying and selling land and cottages in the Moscow region. Large selection of objects. Best prices and direct offers from owners.

Mobile wooden house, project "Pine" price 14.300 €

Mobile wooden house "White Forest" price 33.300 €

You can see a video-review of this house "Mirage":

At present, an amazing paradox is revealed: for several more decades, people with medium and high incomes made every effort to settle near such a large metropolis as Moscow. Now this process is developing in the other direction, suburban real estate is rising sharply in price. The explanation for this is quite simple.

At a certain stage of the life’s journey, each person suddenly realizes that health is the most important value given by nature, and it is rather difficult to preserve it near large gassed cities. There are fewer factories in the city, they are being taken out of the city, then the number of cars there and there increases by several times.

A few decades ago, roads and the lack of good transport interchanges significantly hampered the comfortable movement from Moscow to the suburbs. Now all these minuses are eliminated. Roads are equipped, to get from Moscow to the region, you can in a couple of hours.

Excellent access roads with connected communications to the cottage settlements provide civilized living, therefore land plots near Moscow are in great demand for individual construction. The possibility of buying a country house at your request becomes real, today you can find land plots near Moscow of any price category.

Addresses and phone numbers of village councils for sale, auction and provision of land plots (Minsk region) Click!

Information resources where you can buy a plot of land (Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region) Click!

Where in Moscow to find a plot for your dream home?

One of the interesting directions is the western and northern areas of Moscow with a surprisingly beautiful natural landscape, with ecologically clean areas, where there are pine and mixed forests surrounded by flowering perennial grasses. The simultaneous proximity to nature and Moscow ensures the sale of land in the near suburbs.

Quite an interesting proposal can serve holiday villages, located on the Minsk direction in a picturesque area with a developing infrastructure, where all the necessary communications are brought. Arranged artificial ponds area, which are recreation areas with beaches and places for swimming in the ponds with the purest clear water, as well as sports and children's playgrounds.

A huge selection of sites near Moscow will allow you to make your choice and build a cottage or a country house on it. There are also other built-up villages. The lands in the suburbs of Moscow are fertile and will delight lovers of growing tasty vegetables and fruits with a rich harvest. In addition, protected forests will delight you with berries, mushrooms and provide an excellent hunt.

A little further is the distant suburbs with its lands, the value of which is in perfect ecology. About this in the next article.

If you are interested in buy land in moscow, russia. where to find out the prices? , you may:

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