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Buy land for the construction of wooden houses

Buy land for the construction of wooden houses  Nobody puts a cart in front of the horse, and when building your own country cottage or house, the “horse” will be a plot, and the apartment building will be a “cart”. Consequently, it is right to start all construction work, precisely with the choice of a territory for building.
It is required to approach this event with full responsibility, after consulting with real specialists who are well versed in the intricacies of this business. If you are already reading this article, then definitely turned to those who thoroughly understand this.

Addresses and phone numbers of village councils for sale, auction and provision of land plots (Minsk region) Click!

Information resources where you can buy a plot of land (Belarus, Minsk and Minsk region) Click!

You can see a video-review of this house “Mirage”:

Where to begin?

The choice of the construction site of a residential, economic or technical wooden structure may depend on a number of factors influencing the definition of the project of the building, its type and the scale of the land works.

The main parameters by which you should ask yourself questions when selecting a plot of land are:

- Picturesqueness of the territory adjacent to the land plot - the presence of afforestation, reservoir, river, etc.

- The location of the plot and the ability to be powered from the power grid, its power, which may depend on the type of home heating, water supply (if it is not autonomous - well, pool, well), connection to the sewage system or its own, gas pipeline.

- Environmentally friendly area in which your site will be located. This includes the presence of nearby facilities, noisy freeways, passing a high-voltage line through the plot, which gives harmful interferences, the near location of a high-voltage transformer, mobile network translators, etc.

- The type of soil on which the future structure will be erected (the possible presence of highly passing groundwater, shaky layers, flowing soil).

- Possible passage through the area of ​​"red lines" or areas of alienation allocated for state needs (power lines, gas or water pipe, telephone cable, public sewerage, etc.).

- Presence on the plot of unrecoverable natural factors - high and spreading wood under the supervision of forestry, embankments, spring trees, cliffs, rocks, natural slope, etc.

- Infrastructure development of the area - the presence of medical points, fire service, police, post offices, shops, road network, refueling, garbage disposal method.

- The path of the sun across the sky in respect of the site, which will be an important reason for the placement of buildings.

Site form:

The best option when choosing a plot is the proportion of the plot area to the area of ​​future development, which should be 1/10 or, in other words, the plot area should be ten times the size of the house, with slight deviations from the norm in one direction or the other. In addition, the choice of layout of the house will largely depend on the shape of the land plot. Almost all the plots are divided into rectangular and square (areas of irregular shape are much less common) and yet, each of them is unique in its properties.

Square land plot.
Perhaps this is the most suitable option for the placement of wooden buildings, since the advantages of this form can significantly exceed the disadvantages. Placing a wooden cottage or house on such a site does not pose any difficulty, and you will not experience the disadvantages of private features from close neighborhoods. However, the location of buildings on the square plot you can determine on your own. Most often, the placement of residential buildings in this form of land is most convenient in its middle, which will best decorate the area and remove from the neighborhood.

The practical majority of projects can easily be implemented on a square plot of land. Without complications and competently, it is possible to plan residential or technical premises, competently arrange window openings on the project in accordance with the angle of incidence of sunlight. This site will allow you to conveniently place a wooden gazebo, garage, sauna, workshops, guest house, not counting the main building.

On a square-shaped plot, it is easier to break a garden, a vegetable garden, determine the location of the fountain, and auxiliary buildings will not obscure the wooden cottage or house, giving the impression of a cluttered area.

Rectangular, narrow section
It will be somewhat more difficult to determine the benefits than in the previous version. It cannot be said that the rectangular shape of the territory of the site excludes the placement of a residential house, but this definitely complicates the design.

It will be almost impossible to avoid the proximity of neighboring buildings, which will require additional measures to preserve private residence (blank walls, high fences, etc.); this will give the buildings a more defensive structure than an elegant, architecturally attractive structure.

The rectangular configuration of the plot significantly narrows the choice of the project of a wooden house to accommodate the main and auxiliary buildings. As a rule, projects with elongated house shapes and the placement of a building with respect to the movement of the sun and the design of window openings are used in such areas - somewhat limited. In addition, neighboring buildings can, for their part, affect the natural lighting of your home. But, our designers have in their arsenal certain engineering and design tricks that will help to get out of this situation in the best possible way.

Do not fall into the traps:

If the land plot buyer is most interested in the cottage project itself and misses the need to be attentive to the site and the adjacent features of the adjacent territory, then during the construction of the house, and in the process of its further operation, most likely, there will be significant difficulties or even problems.

Here, for example, some of them:
- Ground access roads. Often, inexperienced customers perceive this factor as positive, as a sign of environmental friendliness and the absence of elements, of annoying city life. But, at the first rain, this road will play the role of a trap, since it will be impossible to move along it.

- Location of the plot in the lowland part. As a rule, sellers, such sites are painted in the most iridescent colors, but they do not forget the buyer to present it naturally only in dry weather. Otherwise, the future owner will see how all the water in the area will be collected on the plot or flow through it.

- Neighborhood with livestock farms or industries. The buyer can convincingly assure that the neighboring buildings are identified for demolition, that the enterprise is bankrupt and is terminating its activity or it is no longer operating (at the same time, it can show a plot on a day off). Therefore, be careful and independently verify the sincerity and correctness of the words of the seller, and better and completely avoid questionable purchases.

- Land in the wasteland. Some people find such a purchase option very attractive, with reference to the pretty bored city bustle. But, having built a house, they find that its subsequent sale is a very difficult matter;

- Bad transport communication. For those with a personal vehicle, this does not seem to be a problem. Nevertheless, it is necessary to think about the option when a breakdown occurs, and there is no public transport nearby.

- Corner plot. For those who are going to live as a “poplar on Plyushchikha” - without hiding their personal life, this option would be most appropriate, since the construction of a fence at such a site would cost a pretty penny. In addition, the visibility of the cottage from all sides will require peripheral decoration of the facade.

- The area around the site houses the old or low-budget buildings. If you are going to build a beautiful wooden building and you are not constrained by the means, then the neighborhood (perhaps with good people) living in poor houses will definitely envy you. And this is an occasion for unrest.

Registration area:

After conducting a thorough study of the acquired site, you can proceed to documenting it (the purchase), which is based on business acts certifying the right of ownership. These papers contain complete information about the plot, including area, affiliation, boundaries, purpose and location. In the process of registration of the contract (agreement) on the sale, it is important not to lose sight of that the information in different documents or parts of them, for example, in the technical passport of the plot and the act, was not contradictory or inaccurate. Even a slight discrepancy should raise questions, and if the seller acts by proxy from another person, then this can signal a collision with fraudsters.

It will not be out of place to inquire about the cadastral number before buying and selling and find out in the land resources department about possible restrictions or debts for this site.

Design of the house from a tree:

After going through all the stages of legal approvals relating to the selection, design and purchase of land for construction, you can proceed to the next stage - the selection of a suitable project for your wooden, country cottage. To do this, we propose to pay attention to our collection of various types of residential and technical buildings from timber, logs, rounded logs or laminated veneer lumber. Or you can order an individual project with a set of your preferences and material capabilities.

"... the soul of the diligent will be saturated," says so in the parables of the wise King Solomon. Diligence naturally implies accuracy against the background of leisure, which is far from superfluous if you take into account the rather tangible amount of money that you need to invest in the construction of a wooden house, not to mention the fact that it will be the environment of your comfortable stay. Consequently, the detailed design of future housing is a responsible and important step that needs to be carried out with special attention.

The stages of the design of wooden buildings include:

- Selection of the layout of the future home;
- Selection of material from which the walls of the building will be erected (perhaps it will be bars or logs, dried with the use of technology or in natural conditions);
- Selection of the thickness of future walls (diameter of logs or cross-section of the bar).
Our designers are ready to offer you a preview of the future construction in 3D format, which is possible thanks to a special program written directly for creating wooden projects ljvjd– “K3-Cottage”.

At its core, this utility is a software package for design development of residential or technical objects made of wood material. This includes the calculation and final animation, including the phased production of home parts, construction, architectural, and general engineering technical documentation and the final assembly of the building . This software opens new perspectives for the selection of a suitable project and its technical implementation. The program will allow the customer to literally travel around their own virtual home and see it from various angles, including the top view, and even arrange furniture for it.

Why do I need a project:

The construction of a wooden house or cottage, without a detailed project, is akin to walking in a labyrinth blindfolded or buying goods for which there are no price tags - you never know what it will end up with or what it will end with. At the same time, our company with many years of experience and pedantic attitude to the details of the project, as well as to their exact calculation, significantly reduces the cost of materials for construction and, as a result, your finances. Think for yourself: is it wise to pay a small amount for a building project and at the same time save the amount (as has been repeatedly confirmed by practice) from hundreds to several thousand? The answer is obvious.

A beautiful and attractive wooden house, which at this stage of life has become your goal, can also serve as a target for contracting organizations that do not quite decent work, profiting from little-educated and not having detailed design and estimate documentation of customers. Without these documents, it is difficult to decide where and how to start, and it is also difficult to find the most economical solution for implementing your plan.

A properly designed structure, despite the large number of component parts, should guarantee their perfect combination in all indicators and prevent any deviations of the assembled building from the base (basement) size, which can often be observed in old-style houses.

Our offers:

Our experienced team is set up for close and fruitful cooperation with the customer, both at the early stage of the formation of project documentation, and throughout the entire work process until the completion of all work. Therefore, our suggestions are to:

- Choosing your favorite, suitable option from a series of finished projects stored in our catalogs for the construction of wooden structures, which significantly saves the customer time for the production of project documentation;

- Opportunities to order an exclusive construction plan from processed wood material (logs or lumber) of residential, technical, economic or industrial premises;

- Ordering an individual (personal design) version of the construction provided to our designers in the form of a sketch drawing, schematic sketch or description verbally. Any of these editions will be suitable for further cooperation and to achieve the choice of the best model of construction.

As our company, acting as a contractor, provides a detailed estimate of all stages of work before the complete commissioning of the object and the timing of their implementation (including the initial development of the project and ending with the complete assembly of wooden structures), the customer can accurately determine their material potential and choose their capabilities just the appropriate architectural and constructive type of building.

All stages of the work, our company perceives the same responsibly, regardless of the scale of the object - whether it is a two-storey mansion, a small size, a grill house or a cozy gazebo. Our specialists are well aware that the high-quality implementation of the technical part of the project and the original design directly affect the comfort, safety and durability of the wooden house service. In addition, we value our reputation more than the opportunity to earn on a particular object. Contact and see for yourself!

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