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Wooden house for 2 families, "Duplex" project
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Wooden house for 2 families,  Duplex  project

Wooden house for 2 families, "Duplex"

The duplex, double timber house is a two-family home split in half. Each part is equipped with a separate entrance and can have several floors. Only the wall and the roof remain in common. Both parts of the double wooden house are individual. A common wall does not necessarily divide living rooms, it can unite a garage or other non-residential premises, then the neighbors will not interfere with each other.

Modern wooden two-family houses have several distinctive features:

Wooden house for 2 families, the "Duplex" project is a solid facade. Interior solutions inside a wooden house can be radically different, but from the outside, the facade will look solid and mirrored.

Wooden house project "Duplex", it is a separate entrance to each of the parts of the house. Of course, there are options in which there is one common entrance to the house, but it is much more practical to have separate entrances so that neighbors do not interfere with each other.

Wooden house project "Duplex", it is a number of storeys. As a standard, a two-story building is meant, but if necessary, you can build one floor higher.

A wooden house project "Duplex" is an individual metering device for electricity consumption, codes, heating for each family.

Wooden house project "Duplex", it has few neighbors. As a rule, there is only one family behind a common wall.

Wooden house project "Duplex", this is the presence of a local area. If desired, you can equip a playground, a shed, a garage and other outbuildings necessary for a comfortable life.

Wooden house project "Duplex", it is a low cost of maintenance. All the expenses for the repair of communications, restoration of facades are covered by two families.

Wooden house project "Duplex", it is convenient for delivery. Owners can live in one part, and rent the other part, having additional profit.

Cons of duplex:

The main disadvantage of a double cottage is that it is still not an individual house that belongs only to you, there will still be neighbors, which may entail certain inconveniences. However, with good, friendly relations with neighbors, their presence will not be such a disadvantage, but rather the opposite.

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