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Batimat Expovivienda 2023

Batimat Expovivienda 2023

International Building Exhibition BATEV 2023 (BATIMAT Expo Vivienda + FEMATEC) will be held from 29 June to 02 Jule 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The international building exhibition Batimat Expovivienda is held in Argentina since 1970. Batimat Expovivienda is the largest event in the construction industry in Argentina. The exhibition demonstrates world achievements and advanced technologies in construction and production of building materials. Batimat Expovivienda is an event in which the largest companies - manufacturers and suppliers of construction equipment, materials and accessories, as well as architects, designers, engineers, designers, decorators take part. This year, the national congress of garden centers National Congress of Garden Centers will take place within the framework of the exhibition

Batimat Expovivienda 2019

In BATEV 20 new and current products, solutions and services of the industry are presented, and simultaneous activities are also carried out, aimed at training, training, updating and debate, which provide the latest market information, to the most 100,000 visitors of the exhibition.

BATEV 20 there will be prominent exhibitors in the area of coatings and finishes, installations, and services and products for construction, as well as all the inputs that involve machines and tools. Visitors can see the new and innovative bathroom and kitchen accessories, coatings, landscaping, openings and carpentry, sanitary facilities, insulation, building systems, structures and technology.

Country, city: Argentina, Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires La Rural

Periodicity: every year

Dates: June 29 to July 02, 2023

Organizers: Reed Exhibitions (Germany) GmbH, Pichon Riviere Consultores S.A. / Banpaku S.A.

Likewise, there will be important parallel activities that seek to offer the assistant a visionupdate of each link in the value chain of construction: On Wednesday, June 28, will carry out the ENI - National Meeting of Intendants, where current affairs and trends in housing development and infrastructure at the municipal level. On Thursday, 28 June the Association of Employers of the Housing (AEV) will organize its already classic CCAEV - AEV Conference Cycle, being the 7th. consecutive edition, in which thematic will be analyzed such as: the economy, finances and real estate, new mortgage loans, housing, land and territory and the relationship between local economic development and real estate development. For its part, the construction will also have its space in ENC - National Meeting of the Construction that will take place on Friday, June 28 and will bring together the most important references and construction entrepreneurs around different topics such as: new business models, environmental impact, new materials and trends. In addition, this year, BATEV will have a new sector: Aluminum and Glass High Tech. This space is born from the need of both sectors, highly relevant in the development and process of this industry, to exhibit and promote the latest technologies of aluminum and glass applied to the construction industry and housing. They accompany us: ALCEMAR, ALCON GLASS, ALUAR, LUXE PROFILE, OK INDUSTRIAL, RIAL, SAPA SA, among others.

BATEV is organized by the Association of Housing Entrepreneurs of the Argentine Republic (AEV), the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO) and Exhibitions and Fairs of the Argentine construction EFCA, the latter integrated by LA RURAL Buenos Aires Trade Center and MBG & EVENTS.

Batimat Expovivienda 2019

Website: https://www.batev.com.ar/index.php
Before the trip, check the information on the exhibition on its official website

Type of activity (OKVED): CONSTRUCTION:

Main product groups: Building materials, mechanization and automation of construction works, engineering systems, interiors, finishing materials, electrical equipment, paint and varnish materials, metal structures, heat and waterproofing, life support systems, construction chemicals.

Batimat Expovivienda 2019

Company Archiline is going to be represented by its glulam products. Archiline Log Houses will present its products and services at this exhibition, whose activities are related to the design, manufacture, construction of wooden houses from profiled glued beams and round logs. Some words about that.


The natural appearance of glulam is extremely attractive, so it is really presentable without cover in fact, it is used as an open beam, the glul aesthetic structure adds an aesthetic appeal.


Wood and synthetic adhesives, which are used for connection with glulam, have considerable resistance to chemical attacks. Therefore, glules often choose as the preferred structural material for buildings, such as salt barns, water treatment plants, etc.

Glulam is resistant to most acids, rust and other corrosive substances.

HESS Timber manufactured and assembled many laminated glulam projects in which steel could not be used due to aggressive chemical media such as swimming pools, coal storage buildings or salt storage buildings.

Even the harsh salt atmosphere of the UAE is not a problem for the structures of the deaf. Wooden canopies The D1 tower in Dubai will demonstrate an advantage over steel, which often should be a special class of stainless steel.


Structural PPU Beam It can be up to 20% heavier, and concrete beam even by 600%: more than the equivalent beam is deaf. Consequently, the proportion of sufficient weight and strength exceeds wood.

Greater resistance due to the rolling process: the wools are more stable than solid wood, since it has less natural defects and a wider distribution. This is also comparable to the strength of steel, but it is much easier.


In the fire of large areas, wood has greater resistance to structural integrity loss than steel or prestressed concrete. This resistance is provided by a layer of carbon that forms around the surface of the section during the impact of the fire.

The rate of carbonization of various wood species is known, and therefore the yield and strength of wood in fire are predictable. The strength of the unburned residual wood core can be easily calculated, which allows a realistic assessment of fire resistance. The calculation method is given in DIN 4102 and Eurocode 5.

Since the average wood burns at a rate of 0.7 mm per minute, the cross section of the material decreases by approximately 20 mm in 30 minutes and by 40 mm 60 per minute. This is the reason why the load potential in the remaining cross-section is of great importance. The corresponding fire-resistant brand and R 30 R 60 refers to the fire resistance of this wooden elements. It is interesting to note, in the end, that R 30 R 60 can also be obtained without additional flame retardant treatment. Due to the inherent properties of the material of this natural building material, excellent fire-resistant characteristics of wooden structural elements.

As professionals are aware of the excellent fire behavior of wood, many fire services are wooden structures.


A small percentage of materials used in construction can be recycled, but wood is the only renewable building material. The seeding speed is controlled to ensure that the growth is greater than the amount collected. This cycle of felling and planting is very useful for the atmosphere, because only during growth the tree absorbs CO2 and releases vital oxygen.

One cubic meter of glulam absorbs approx. 1 and t CO2, therefore, distracts from this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

HESS TIMBER FSC® / PEFC certified and has the right to use trademarks and FSC® PEFC.


The steel beam "I" 305 x 165 mm has the equivalent performance of a bundle of silencers coniferous wood 550 x 135 mm, but requires six times the cost of energy for production.

For a comparable reinforced concrete beam 400 mm x 250 mm, five times the cost of energy is required. Add to this the polluting byproducts of these wasteful processes, and steel and concrete structures are even more undesirable for the environment.

Glulam is also effective in use. The well-known property of wooden insulation eliminates the risk of a cold bridge when the frame can penetrate into the outer elements of the structure. Its low thermal mass helps to reduce fuel consumption by absorbing small heat energy.

Glues can be used for almost all types of structures for roofs, doors and windows, columns and beams.

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