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Hello our partner!

Hello. our partner! If you are reading this letter, then you are a person of an interesting fate, who left the place where he was born, for the sake of a better, interesting life.

For us, settled residents, you are Columbus, Miklouho-Maclay and Cortes at the same time. We are proud and appreciate you.

What can we offer you for the development of new lands? A beautiful, well-advanced site, a lot of projects on it, competitive prices for designing and wooden houses from a country where their production and construction is part of the culture - Belarus.

We know that moving your business there is not as easy as local, so we try with our advantages: low prices and high quality products, to remove the odds that a local seller of wooden houses has.

One of our most interesting projects is the Til wooden house. Beautiful, modern and, most importantly, not expensive. We are confident that if you correctly convey its mission and idea to local residents, they will certainly buy it.

What is this idea? It is tall, two-story, wooden, it has a cool layout, a balcony and a great price.

It can be applied to a second home, guest house, cottage, hotel campus, rental house, office space. It is beautiful like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, black caviar and beautiful Slavic girls - famous all over the world.

In order for the wooden house Til to become famous all over the world, local residents must know and feel about it, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, black caviar and Slavic girls.

The wooden house Til has a great future after it has been built several times, and the glory of it will go out to the people.

To do this, the project must be advertised. At presentations, exhibitions, on the Internet, ads. Do it the way it is traditional to advertise the sale of houses in your area.

If you have any ideas how to help promote this project in your region, tell us, we will take them on board and make it happen.

Together we will confidently move this project into a better future. If you feel that you still need to advertise any projects from our site that local customers like, tell us about it, we will put them in the first places.

Always glad to see you, hear and read your letters, your ArhiLine.

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