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Pros of building a wooden house in Israel Wooden houses, which have a great popularity in Canada, USA and European countries, recently become more and more popular in Israel. More over, earlier the Israelis build just a small summer house and nowadays they think about living in a spacious wooden house. There are a lot of settlements and villages in Israel, where a great number of wooden houses have been already built. And such houses have much better characteristics than the concrete houses. One of the most important facts in every house is, of course, the energy saving, which is necessary for heating and cooling ... more

Cedar from the Altai region - wood main physical properties For thousands of years the cedar considers to be a unique heat isolating material. More over perfect structure and wood pattern win without a rival other woods. Without any problems the cedar survive in nasty weather; the house, made from cedar would be always warm, comfortable and pleasant to live in. As a rule, the cedar wood emits the biologically active disinfectant agents, which are able to cure different diseases: headaches, illnesses of the respiratory tracts, nervous tension and so on. The air is full of healing power in the houses, made from cedar, and different ... more

Altai Larch wood main physical properties The Altai larch relates to the kind of conifer, the family Pinancea. The larch has soft needles, which shanks off every autumn, as well as leafs. The name of tree is explained by this fact. The trunks, as a rule, are smooth with little quantity of knots. The larch can reach 50 cm in height for 100 years. This kind of wood is strong to decay, fungi and insects damages. More over, the sap of larch is tight (not more than 2 cm) and it is cut in the process of logs cylindering, that is why the larch doesn’t get blue. Due to its resin peculiarities the larch has antiseptic ... more

Spruce wood main physical properties Spruce's density and hardness is comparable to pine wood, but its processing is much more complicated. Spruce has a small resinous, high resistance to cracking, a lot of round knots on a tangential section. Wood is uniformly-white with a golden hueand it is able to retain the natural color for a long time. Because of its softness, spruce, as pine, should not be used for flooring in areas where it will be constantly exposed heels or where furniture will be installed on the legs with a small area of support. But it will help to create a unique atmosphere at home thanks to ... more

Pine physical properties The height of pine trees is usually 20 - 40 meters. Pine is a fast-growing species, and at the same time pine tree lives 300 - 500 years on the average. The annual growth of pines in height under favorable growing conditions can be between 0.8 - 1 m. Annual rings are clearly visible on all cuts. Nucleus is present. Resinous is there. The texture of pine is monotonous. Pine has small density due to great differences in structure of early and late wood. the density of early zone is in 2-3 times lower than late zone of one year layer. An average content of a late wood in one ... more

Wood main physical properties The main physical properties of wood include: color, luster, texture, macro-structure, odor, moisture, shrinkage, internal stresses, swelling, cracking, warping, density, sound - electro - thermal conductivity. Сolor, shine, texture and macrostructure determine the appearance of wood. Wood of different breeds have different color - from white - aspen, spruce to black - ebony. Tannins, resin and pigments, founded in cells cavities, make wood more colourfull. Wooden house of pine in pine forest: Timber gloss - is the ability to reflect light beam pointedly. It depends on ... more

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