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Сompany Archiline will build wooden houses from glulam In Dubai The Belarusian architectural and construction company Archiline will present in Dubai the projects of two wooden villages, said the company's commercial director Archiline Andrey Pylinsky. Houses will be built of glued beams. "Investment projects involve the construction of not only housing but also kindergartens in a single style that meets modern requirements," explained Pylinsky. He noted that in Dubai it is planned to place the residential complex "Archiline", the project implements the company with the same name. Wooden buildings will be located on the area of ... more

Advantages of wooden houses Technology for the production of wooden prefabricated houses, suggests their manufacture from natural materials, which many scientists a way to live closer to nature, which in turn led to prolonged life expectancy. Materials for construction of prefabricated houses, wood, glass and rock Gibbs derived from nature. Moreover, these prefabricated houses have other advantages: Prefabricated houses have less weight, which he in turn reduces the cost of pouring the foundation and allows placement of prefabricated houses in areas with groundwater, which implies a greater rigidity ... more

Wood main mechanical properties Wood main mechanical properties Mechanical properties of wood The use of wood as a structural material is due to the ability to resist the action of effort, i.e. mechanical properties. Distinguish the following properties of wood, manifested under the influence of mechanical loads: strength - the ability to resist destruction, deformability - the ability to resist changes in size and shape, technological and operational properties. Indicators of mechanical properties of wood are usually determined in the following types of tests: stretching, compression, bending and ... more

Wood main chemical properties Wood main chemical properties Wood consists mainly of organic substances (99% of the total mass). Elemental chemical composition of wood of different breeds is practically the same. Absolutely dry wood on average contains 49% of carbon, 44% of oxygen, 6% of hydrogen, 0.1-0.3% of nitrogen. When burning wood remains its inorganic part - ash. The composition of the ash includes calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other elements. The listed chemical elements form the basic organic substances: cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses. Cellulose is a natural polymer, a ... more

Physical properties of wood Physical properties of wood The properties of wood found in tests that do not lead to a change in chemical composition are called physical properties. 1. Appearance of wood 2. Wood moisture and properties associated with its change 3. Thermal properties 4. Electrical properties 5. Sound properties 6. Properties of wood, which appear under the influence of electromagnetic radiation 1. Appearance of wood It is characterized by the following properties: color, gloss, texture and macrostructure. Under the color of wood is understood a certain visual sensation, which depends, ... more

Land Piece Selection - Main Tips Do not hurry with the decision to buy piece of land without examining all the nuances. Please do remember that your final goal - is to enjoy living in your newly built wooden house. We will try to give you main tips for land piece selection, so that your life won’t become the eternal construction process, and then the eternal repair job! If you don’t feel confident that you will be able to choose the right plot of land, do not risk money, but contact the experts. They will provide you qualified help choosing the best option and taking into consideration all your wishes and ... more

A perfect time to share love with your family - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 in a wooden house! Winter is the most magical and beloved time by all Russian people - time to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2019. Deep inside of all our hearts there is a hope that this winter will make all the dreams come true and miracles will come into our lives. Winter holidays are connected with many customs and traditions. Traditionally, all families decorate their homes with colorful garlands and ribbons, and in every house there is a big illuminated Christmas tree. It is dressed in colorful apparel from garlands and Christmas balls. Gifts are laid all around it, and all members ... more

A few astonishing facts about wood Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, environmentally friendly and safe home. Building a house out of wood will satisfy all your requirements, and there is no doubt in durability and health benefits of a wooden house. We’ve already talked a lot about the advantages of wooden house. But, nevertheless, today we want to tell about the facts that will make you look at wooden buildings in a completely new way! Wood has been a favorite material for building houses for ages. Not only houses and temples, but the whole cities were built out of wood. Many legends tell about the ... more

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