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Land Piece Selection - Main Tips

Land Piece Selection - Main Tips Do not hurry with the decision to buy piece of land without examining all the nuances. Please do remember that your final goal - is to enjoy living in your newly built wooden house. We will try to give you main tips for land piece selection, so that your life won’t become the eternal construction process, and then the eternal repair job!
If you don’t feel confident that you will be able to choose the right plot of land, do not risk money, but contact the experts. They will provide you qualified help choosing the best option and taking into consideration all your wishes and financial possibilities!
Land piece purchase as well as own wood home construction and design is difficult and troublesome matter. These transactions are considered to be in the high-risk category, due to the complexities of assessment and registration, but still remain one of the most popular on the market. The main reason for this popularity is that many people are inspired by their own wood house dream. Land piece areas are purchased for private and commercial purposes (for home construction and buildings, business or industrial facilities, agriculture, etc.). But most common purpose of land piece purchase is the construction of the house.

Wooden house "Olavi"
So how should the plot of land be selected in the variety of market offers?
In the period of economy crisis, many people are guided by only one consideration - cheaper price, choosing the land for wood home construction. Meanwhile, most experts believe this approach is not entirely correct. It is a common situation when cheap-price plot of lands result in a significant price rise of the construction. And then the land piece that seemed to be a good buy at first sight turns to be no so attractive.
In this article we will speak about the main factors that should be taken into account while selecting land piece for you future wooden house project.

This theme should be divided into two components. Firth of all you should pay much attention to the so-called documentary part. No matter whether you choose land by yourself or with the help of a specialist, documents must be completed properly. That goes without saying.
You should also pay much attention to another moment - consumer properties of the plot of land. This theme includes many nuances that are not taken into account by all the buyers, and that are not well-known by all sellers.

Many nuances that are important to consider when choosing a particular land piece will be described in this article. Among them are the key factors, which usually influence the price: the size and location, the availability of supply pipelines and structures, the condition of ground and soil ecology. And each factor has its own nuances.

Wooden house "Tyrone"
Let us specify the main steps in plot of land selection:
1. Specify you needs
2. Analyze the types of land piece
3. Evaluate the size and its location
4. Think carefully about the logistics
5. Analyze the availability of building services
6. Measure the condition of ground and soil ecology
7. Check the documents

Specify you needs
First of all it is important to understand what kind of land piece you need. The market offers a very big variety. So the clear image of the desired land piece will significantly reduce the list. The recourses below will help to understand your opportunities within the given amount of money:
- Articles on the theme
- Market and prices monitoring
- Forums where people share their own experiences.
It will be more comfortable to specify the basic criteria in land piece selection (e.g. maximum price, size, location and destination). Then you can select several options among them, that are of high-importance personally for you (will it be the south or the north, will it be close to the water or forest, will there be any building services or not).

Wooden house "Sabrefix"
When the requirements are formulated, it is possible to start the search. You can have recourse to professional realtors and specialized sources: online databases, agencies, websites, printed reference books and their electronic versions, social networking websites and bulletin board.
If you decide to act on your own, you’d better search information according to your personal characteristic with the ability to compare the features and prices.
Start visiting plot of lands after you have prepared a list of certain places. This will help you to plan your route and make the choice easier. Knowledge received during a virtual search will help you at the next step of search.

Analyze the types of land piece
As a future landowneryou shouldknow that not every piece of land is suitable for building. The land piece must correspond to the designation purpose, only in this case you can start house designs.
In accordance with designated purpose the land ownership can be divided into several main categories:
1) agricultural land;
2) land settlements (cities and villages);
3) lands of industry, transport, communications, energy, defense and other purposes;
4) lands of environmental, health, recreational, historical and cultural destination;
5) forest lands;
6) water fund land;
According to local laws every named category might have additional nuances. For example the peace of land may refer to one category, but have different permitted use.
It is a usual practice when plot of land selection is based on the principle of "likeness", taking into account the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the presence of a of forest or water nearby. However, many land piece with "good view" and "beautiful landscapes" are located on the slopes of the hills, and have a slope. Off course you can buy this beautiful peace of land. But you should understand that it won’t be a budget choice. The house building on such kind of land piece can become rather expensive.
The small slope (20-30 cm on the length of the house) can be leveled down by a slight raising of the basement. The cost of the construction work will increase a little. But if a slope will be from 1 meter high, the rise in price will be substantial. In this situation there is no point in basement raising anymore (as its construction will cost much, and the area of ​​the house won’t increase). The simplest solution is to make a full basement.
It will increase the house area, but do remember that square meter of the basement will cost you as much as that of ground floor. While constructing basement walls the same materials are used as in the construction of other floors.

Wooden house "Dionis"
This idea conflicts with the views of many customers that the ground floor should be cheaper as it is intended mainly for indoor household areas - pantry, bathroom, boiler room, sauna, etc., and does not require special finishing. Also do not forget about the ground smoothing additional costs.
As a rule, the land piece is leveled completely. For this purpose the retaining walls are used. Their number and configuration directly depend on the idea of landscape design. Of course, this kind of land piece "problem" sides can be converted by professional landscape designer into an excellent place for rest, sometimes become a much more beautiful piece of land than the surrounding natural beauty (and for which the land piece has been selected). But this variant is not cheap, and the reconstruction costs can be compared to the cost the house decoration.
Now let’s consider another desire of potential buyers - to choose a land piece near a river or lake. In this case, in addition to well-drilling in purpose to study the soil bearing capacity, it is also necessary to find out how deep the ground waters are, and whether the land is not flooded during the spring. If such a possibility exists, the basement should be done with the special waterisolation (as in swimming pools).

If you want to save your money, do not choose land piece for great views, and that are located near lakes and rivers. Economy class variant is to choose areas with no flooding, that former used to be farmer field. But there may be problems with building services availability. Therefore, the most reliable alternative is to pick an existing cottage settlement, where everything is prepared for life.

Evaluate the size and its location
Starting searching for a suitable land piece, the buyer usually pays his/her attention to the total size of the territory. If you are going to build a house, you’d better consider parking and resting area in advance. It is believed that the optimal proportion of the land piece area size is one to ten. For example, a spacious cottage of 200 squares needs 20 acres of land area. The width of the land area is more important then its length. In addition, it is necessary that the house does not come close to land borders, at least three meters space is required.
So when choosing a land piece, always pay attention to its geometry, and not only on the total area offered. It is also desirable to know the size of the future house in advance.

Wooden chalet-style home "Annabelle"
Analyze the availability of building services
Charmed by the view of the river or pine forest, don’t forget to find out all the details about the building services, available on the land piece. They for the most part form the basic cost of the land.
Of course, the desire to buy land at cheap price and organize all the necessary area development by yourself is really high. But the risk to overpay is very high, and beside that you can be pulled into long-delayed construction. When buying land without building services, it is important to have a cost-plan of future work on hand in order to make a right decision.

Wind rose
Wind rose shows the frequency of winds blowing from particular directions over a specified period. This factor does not affect the cost of land, but it may affect significantly the quality of life in a country house, especially if it is used for permanent stay.
If there is industrial production near you wooden house and the wind is blowing in the direction of it, living in the countryside looses its meaning.

The actual location of the land area must be judged not by distance on the map but according to the time spent on the road. Therefore logistics is one of the main criteria when selecting the plot of land. This aspect also includes the quality of the roads that lead to the land piece, as well as the possibility of traffic jams in this area.
It is desirable to have different options for logistics. Bus and railway links will be a definite plus. Even if you plan to use your car, we can not exclude force-majeure circumstances.
Finally, the distance from the city and good roads can not guarantee that you will get to you new wood house without any problems. Take the time to rate the traffic situation in this area at different times of the day.
If you liked some particular land piece, you should carefully consider how the cottage settlement develops today. Keep in mind that all costs (security, cleaning, etc.) will be divided between the house owners of the settlement. And if the housing development is slow you can face some extra spending.

Check the documents
Document check is very important in the process of land piece buying. Choosing the land piece for your future wood home construction is half the battle. When the choice is made, there is a question of further paperwork. At this step it is important to involve a professional into work. A lawyer or a realtor can close a deal at minimum risk. Before you sign the paper, you need to examine the documents carefully. You should give careful considerations to the paperwork as well as land piece selection process.

Wooden house from glulam "Kalneliai"

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