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Building in wood in Italy Today, we continue to tell you about building in wood in different countries and our next destination is charming Italy. Italy turned out to have a rich history connected with wood. This construction material was popular because it was used for shipbuilding and house carpentry, but there's more to it than that. Venice, the capital of Italy or so-called "floating city", consists of 117 islands that are connected with each other by various bridges and canals. But Venice isn’t built right on the islands. Houses were built on wooden foundations that were supported by ... more

Building in wood in the Netherlands We would like to start our news blog dedicated to building in wood in different countries with the Netherlands. The history if wood in the Netherlands begins long ago with wooden houses with a thatched roof. In this article we’ll try to give an overview of wood as building material with examples of wooden houses in this beautiful country. What catches attention first is of course Waterland. People here have struggled against the water for ages, because the place is situated under sea level and divided by numerous canals, ditches and trenches. They say that in 1697 the ... more

House of Your Dream – Subconscious Mind Knows All About It Don`t use Google to find a house of your dream or you will just bury your desires and visions under tons of articles and photos from search results. Just use your mind and your subconscious to create, define, and visualize an ideal house. Make yourself comfortable – lie down on a couch or sit back in your favourite armchair. Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, making short pauses between them. Imagine the landscape and scenery you would like to see around your house. As you get the picture ‑ imagine you, sitting on the ground in that place, with a company of your ... more

USA likes wooden houses The USA Web sites and have published wooden log house designs of Archiline LTD ! Thank You! Following the publication of a photo report of the assembly of a wooden house dozens of letters came to the company asking about the possibility of production, delivery and assembly of the wooden house from timber and logs on the American continent. ... more

Golf club wooden house Priorities in ... living, working, organizing your surroundings. What do they depend on? On your style of life, your preferences, your desires. Then what kind of buildings would you prefer for ... let me say spending a week-end playing golf ? Just imagine - golf field, sunny day, competitive mood and desire to make a good game in fresh air. The answer is a golf club wooden house for the rest. Golf is one of the games (if not to say styles of life) that is closely connected with the territory relief, natural environment "from here to the very horizon". And it would be ... more

Log cabin or log house. A little history Log cabin or log house , style of home typical not only of the Russions but of the American pioneer on the Western frontier of the United States in the great westward expansion. It was constructed with few tools, usually an axe or an adz and an auger. All the fastenings were of wood. The log walls were chinked with mud to make them reasonably impervious to the wind. There was no glass, and greased paper might be used across window openings to let some light through. The shutters and doors were fastened on with wooden pegs. There was usually only one door. When the ... more

Promotion: wooden house of logs or timber with an additional discount! In connection with the increase in the production capacity of the Archiline LTD company - signing a contract for the production of houses from logs or timber natural humidity until the end of autumn (November 30, 2017) only, our customers receive an additional discount.Details of the action check with the manager. ... more

How to sell wooden goods to France? We are glad to present you the new internet ads platform www.maisonboisnature.com aimed to promote various producers and exporters of different WOOD products to French language speaking countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The same ads platforms already successfully work in Russian www.belderevo.by and in German www.holzangebote.com languages and markets. The customers of these platforms get inquiries from real customers every day. We suggest you to start the internet promotion of your products for FREE, according to your permission we will create a ... more

Building from wood in Australia - construction process of a wooden house from glued laminated timber Most of australians are clustered in coastal cities and their sprawling suburbs. Australians like living in single-family homes on fairly large lots. Most of them are frame houses, some of them are made from concrete or bricks. Timber or log houses are not so popular yet, but there are already some quantity of solid wood timber houses consctucted by Finnish companies. Our wooden house is a new product for Australian market, but it has many advantages that can be interesting to those who just plan to build their own house in Australia. Wooden house keeps cool inside even in ... more

Logs of large diameter in building The log house building becomes more and more popular nowadays. The main fact for this is that typical house projects and basic building materials make all the houses stereotyped. There are a few companies, which may offer individual design for their clients. One of evident difference in the wooden house variety is the log diameter. The logs of heavy section are a tradition for a lot of countries and regions, for example Poland, Ukraine, Carpathians, Canada, the USA and Scandinavian countries. Such houses look much more solid than other houses and you can feel its natural ... more

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