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Wood home project and architecture: interior design

Wood home project and architecture: interior design  The texture and the shape of timber logs, profiled timber or laminated veneer lumber allows to create an incredible array of options for the interior.

Warm, comfortable, iriginal interior of a living breathing wooden house is individual in every case.

Our clients' fantasy is really boundless.

The surface area, decoration, color could vary in the same way as construction forms, for example, arches, doorways.

In order to create an idea about different interior variants, the way the wood looks inside the house and the way it is possoble to use it in an interior design, we give some interior photos of our houses.

Look more:

You can see a video-review of the wooden house “Mirage”:

You can have a look on 3D-tour of the wooden house «Mirage»:

Wooden house "Mirage" from profiled glued timber 99m2

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