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Wooden sauna "Old wooden fortress" 36 m²

Wooden sauna "Old wooden fortress" 36 m²
Banya"Old wooden fortress"
The number of rooms4
Total area36,45 sq.m.
Wall kit22,91cubic meters
Wall kit material,
other variants are acceptable
Rounded log D200 humidity 12%

Sauna made of logs. A cozy bath with a squat roof with a total area of about forty square meters. Perfect for relaxing with family and friends. A steam room can accommodate three to four people at a time, shelves can be placed both along one wall, and corners along two walls. Lounge area of more than seventeen square meters can be called quite spacious. It will fit both a table and a sofa, you can also place a kitchen with a sink, a countertop, and various appliances for preparing food on site.

План бани
Баня под ключ в агроусадьбе

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