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Turnkey winter houses from a bar projects and prices

Turnkey winter houses from a bar projects and prices  Turnkey timber winter houses projects and prices

It has become fashionable to own a winter house. It is good if he stands somewhere near a forest edge, on a mountainside, away from urban civilization, in a place where peace and tranquility reign. Building a winter home is no more difficult than a regular residential building. Actually, a winter house, equipped with everything necessary, allows you to live in it all year round without any discomfort. Its main feature is a slightly modified thermal insulation technology. But we'll talk about this later.

The winter house got its name from the fact that it is planned to operate in the winter season, when it is especially cold. Imagine: you arrived at a house that had not been heated for a month and what would you feel? Of course, you will be uncomfortable in it from the cold of the walls. But if you arrive at the winter house, turn on the heating, then literally after 3-4 hours the rooms will warm up to a comfortable temperature. This is precisely the main advantage of a winter house - in its quick heating and low coefficient of heat conductivity, which allows heating a house with minimal energy consumption.

Winter construction of a wooden house "Romuald":

A wooden house made of timber with five rooms, a kitchen, an office, two bathrooms, two terraces and a carport. Started in November, completed in February. The total area is 203.5 m². The project was implemented in a bar of technical drying. The volume of wall material is 61.18 m³.

How to choose a winter home?

The winter house should meet two main criteria: to be comfortable and convenient in operation. It is important to understand that both large and small winter houses may or may not meet these criteria. Therefore, the design of a winter house is of great importance. Do not try, for reasons of economy, to try to design a winter house yourself: if you are not an architect, do not have exceptional knowledge in this area, then you are unlikely to be able to come up with something outstanding and special even if you use another project of a winter house as a visual aid. Qualitative and proper adaptation can only be done by a professional. It is possible to avoid mistakes in the project and further money spent on their elimination only in case of an official appeal to the specialists of the developer company.

Think about how many floors a winter home should have: the higher, the more expensive it will cost to heat it. If you plan to visit this house several times a year in winter, then you should not build a two-story winter house - unreasonable monetary expenses. It is best to build a one-story winter house with two or three bedrooms with a common living room and separate kitchen. Winter house ranging from 50 to 100 sq.m. - An ideal option for those who seek to combine the desired savings of money and the maximum level of comfort. A two-story winter house should be built only if it is planned to eventually move into it for permanent residence. In any case, you should evaluate the number of people living in the house and calculate its "quadrature" based on the unwritten formula "to each person - according to the room."

Another important aspect is the wall material. As a rule, winter houses are built from timber - glued, profiled. There are options when building a winter house from logs. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so before making a final decision on the wall material, you should carefully study all of their operational features. If you do not go deep into theory, then the best wall material is glued beams. Behind it is a rounded log, and in third place is a regular shaped beam cut from a whole log. In any case, turnkey winter houses built from these materials will last for many decades and will warm their owners even in the most severe frosts.

Stages of building a winter house

Actually, the winter house is being built exactly according to the same pattern as the most ordinary residential house made of wood. The foundation is being laid. Its appearance is determined by a specialist who focuses on the type of soil and the surface topography of the building plot. It is important to understand that a winter house made of timber or a winter house made of logs they do not have a lot of weight, therefore, the foundation can be built not massive without spending large sums of money on the construction of the foundation.

Then lay the first crown. Preliminary, waterproofing is carried out so that the first crown does not come into contact with the foundation. Otherwise, wood in contact with concrete will be saturated with moisture and rot. Yes, do not forget about the quality asepticization of the first crown, which will save the first crown from premature destruction. Thus, a winter house will stand idle without major repairs for many decades.

The installation of walls is another very important stage in construction. A turnkey one-story winter house is erected to a height of three meters, after which they lay the ceiling lags and only then the rafter system. Only after the roof is covered with roofing material, you should start warming the house, installing windows and doors.

Prices for winter houses

The market for construction services today is saturated with offers from developers: everyone is ready to build a winter house at a reasonable price. However, it is important to understand that the optimal cost of a winter house can be in the case of a combination of several factors: the type of wall material, the area of ​​the house and its number of storeys. Do not flatter yourself on offers that promise a big winter house for little money.

Responsible real estate developers work with clients in three price categories:
  • - budget winter houses;
  • - winter houses of the middle price category;
  • - VIP winter houses, which are designed by individual order.
A range of services is always cheaper, so many companies offer their packages. Speaking about finding a reliable developer, you should find out:
  • - how long the company has been in the market;
  • - whether she is directly engaged in woodworking or in her work uses building materials made by other companies, which does not allow us to say that in the end, a winter house will cost cheaply;
  • - The status of the corporate image.
The more solid the company, the more options for cooperation it offers its customers, the wider its ability to reduce prices for winter house construction services. Remember that not a single responsible construction company will tell you the final cost of a winter home until it makes the appropriate calculations.


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