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Winter house

Winter house  Winter house The construction of winter houses has long been a common practice in the Scandinavian countries. This is the kind of housing that allows a person to leave the city in the winter season and spend time away from the noise of city streets, car exhaust, to recover emotionally in order to get to work with renewed vigor. The winter house is a special type of building and differs from the summer options for houses. Firstly, you can live in it all year round. Secondly, it is built on energy-saving technology, so even in the most severe frosts heating a house is not expensive. Thirdly, a winter house is an excellent investment in the future, which allows not only to save money without inflationary losses, but also to increase it over the years, because real estate is growing in value, including the secondary market.
Winter construction of a wooden house:
The benefits of a winter home A winter house is usually built of wood. In use, profiled timber, logs, glued timber. It is these building materials that allow you to build winter houses cheaply, quickly and efficiently. They are built according to a long-established technology that combines the established traditions of architecture and modern approaches in woodworking. Already in the name itself - the winter house - there is an understanding that a residential building can be operated even with an extreme drop in air temperature. This is achieved through the proper processing of wood and the use of new heat-insulating materials that are safe for human health. The very essence of such a house lies in the fact that it is assembled from wooden building materials. It is wood that has the necessary characteristics:
  • - perfectly resists severe frosts;
  • - when properly processed with protective equipment, wood is not saturated with moisture, therefore temperature fluctuations inside the house are minimal;
  • - wood is a material of natural origin, and therefore perfectly copes with maintaining the internal microclimate of the house both in the coldest and hottest periods of the year;
  • - the correct preparation of wall building material allows you to keep your home operational performance for decades.
Winter houses made of timber are inexpensive only because the main building material is wood, which in the Republic of Belarus is considered one of the most affordable among the rest of the variety of building materials. If we draw a cost parallel - a winter house made of timber for year-round use and a house of brick - then the first option will be more affordable by 25-30 percent. This is due not only to the cheapness of wood, but the minimal cost of internal and external decoration of the house from timber. A ready-made project of a winter house from a bar allows you to start manufacturing a house kit and the directly building process in a matter of days. As a result, money savings are achieved due to the speed of implementation of the plans and tasks. Thus, starting the construction of a house from a bar in the spring, winter accommodation in it will already be guaranteed. Moreover, many companies specializing in the provision of this type of service offer turnkey winter houses from timber.

What are winter houses built of? Turnkey winter houses are built from:
  • - glued timber;
  • - profiled timber;
  • - rounded logs.
Each type of wall material has its own technical and operational characteristics and cost. The most expensive material is glued beams. Experts consider it as the most reliable and high-quality building material. As a rule, this is a combined material, where the outer part is made of larch (a wood species with high performance properties - resistance to decay, high strength, characterized by operational durability), and the inside - of pine (a softer wood species, but cheaper because of its availability in the market, but at the same time it has a rather high coefficient of resistance to negative atmospheric manifestations). The winter house from glued beams does not shrink, therefore, you can start decorating it right away. In addition, glued beams compared to conventional profiled solid-wood beams have higher thermal and noise insulation. However, this does not mean that a winter house made of profiled timber is worse in its operational qualities. Yes, there are nuances of a technical order, but with proper observance of technology, the structure will be no worse. Profiled timber is made in such a way that water does not get into the insulation placed inside. Particular attention is paid to the appearance of the beam. At the same time, such walls will require additional insulation, but, as mentioned above, a correctly executed technology will make it possible to build a winter house warm and aesthetically attractive. The rounded log is not inferior in terms of thermal and sound insulation to glued beams. A winter house made of logs is built by those who like the traditional architectural styles of wooden architecture. The peculiarity of such a house is that it is difficult to give it a modern style inside residential premises. However, if there is no desire to have the interior decoration of the rooms in accordance with the requirements of hi-tech style, then a round log is an excellent building material, which, moreover, has a relatively low cost.

How to build a winter house? For example, take a winter one-story house made of timber. The first stage is laying the foundation. The type of foundation is selected based on financial capabilities, characteristics of the land (type of soil, topography, proximity of groundwater). It should be noted that a winter house made of timber or a winter house made of logs is relatively not heavy, and therefore does not require a massive foundation. The second stage of construction is the laying of the first crown. Before this, they perform waterproofing work to protect the logs from concrete. The first crown is carefully impregnated with protective agents - an antiseptic. Thanks to this, the winter house can be operated much longer. The third stage is the installation of a lag and a rough floor. The fourth stage is the erection of walls. Here, special attention should be paid to the technology of laying wall elements, because it is very important that the winter house made of timber remains warm even in the most severe frosts. The fifth stage - upon reaching the walls of a height of three meters, the ceiling logs are laid, and then the rafter system is assembled. The sixth stage is started when almost the entire skeleton of the house is built, there is a roof. This stage involves work on home insulation. If the winter house is made of glued beam, then this type of work can be started immediately, but when using other wall materials - profiled timber or logs - the winter house should be insulated after 4-7 months, when it shrinks.

Features winter house
  • - relatively low cost;
  • - attractive appearance;
  • - speed of installation work;
  • - guaranteed high quality of building materials when ordering services in a specialized company.

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