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Winter houses of glued laminated timber

Winter houses of glued laminated timber  Winter houses from gluelam

In the new real estate market, a trend such as turnkey winter house construction is gaining popularity. Such houses have a number of exceptional operational characteristics, one of the key is the minimum percentage of heat loss, which is achieved due to additional insulation of the beams, attic, roof and foundation. However, these are not all the nuances that should be discussed. The winter house is also unique in that its walls quickly warm up with the inclusion of heating and for a long time it is kept warm inside the premises. Winter house: what is its peculiarity, how do winter houses differ from ordinary houses, how much does a winter house from gluelam costs (a winter house of logs)? We will try to clarify these and other questions in this article.
Construction of a small but cozy house made of glued timber
Customers want to spend their holidays and weekends outside the city. The authors of the project in the house created an atmosphere of comfort and a measured rhythm of life, which is not enough in the city, so the architects proposed the option of interior decoration in calm soft colors, adding a few bright accents. Outside, which seems quite compact, inside the house makes the opposite impression, mainly due to the lack of overlap. To design the facades used paint gray-blue shades:

Features winter house

The winter house serves as an individual or family holiday house. As a rule, it is built in picturesque places: somewhere near the forest edge, in the mountainous or mountainous terrain, near beautiful natural reservoirs, etc. They visit the winter house on short visits several times a year. But this is not the only option for using this residential building. As a rule, a winter house made of timber is being built to develop tourism and attract vacationers. Turnkey winter houses are also being built for a year-round living in them.

It's main advantage is increased heat insulation, and, as a result, soundproof properties. This is achieved through the use of special technology for the assembly of wall elements and additional work on insulation. Actually, the most ordinary house of timber can be turned into a winter one if you supplement it with heat-insulating materials. Only in this case, the cost of construction will increase significantly. Why? The fact is that the winter house was originally designed with a "fur coat" and this will be taken into account by builders during their work, which will not lead to overuse of building materials, as is the case when they decide to insulate the most ordinary wooden house. Yes, this measure is necessary, but costly. In any case, construction of a turnkey winter house will cost less than construction of a wooden house with your own hands.

Winter house from gluelam

It is glued laminated timber that is considered as the best wall material in construction of a winter house. Such structures, as already noted above, are erected in the places open to the free movement of air masses, where low temperature and humidity indicators are most often recorded. All this has a strong effect on the wall material. And here the first place in terms of stability among wall materials made of wood is glued beams. Winter houses made of glued beams can best cope with the negative environmental impact. The reasons for this are as follows:
  • - glued beam is assembled from bars glued together;
  • - adhesive layers play an additional role as a protective barrier to the spread of moisture;
  • - glued beams are least affected by deformation changes (twisting, bending) compared with other wall materials;
  • - glued beam in most cases is a combination of two tree species - larch, which is located on the outside of the beam and provides a higher degree of protection against environmental manifestations and pine - on the inside, for economy and texture when decorated with special impregnations.
A winter house made of gluelam also has one more important factor: it is relatively not heavy, therefore it does not require a massive foundation. Big money savings are achieved precisely due to the foundation device for the winter house.

A winter house made of glued timber is being built over a period of three to six months, which is due to the area of ​​the residential building, the remoteness of the construction site from the production base of the developer.

Winter house: prices

Real estate developers offer customers to build turnkey winter houses from three price categories:
  • - budget winter houses;
  • - winter houses of the middle class;
  • - winter houses by individual order.
Each category has its own characteristics and advantages in accordance with the value of winter houses. Budget winter houses for the comfort and quality of building materials, assemblies are not inferior in the same parameters to winter houses, which are being built on individual orders. Prices for winter homes are based on the cost of raw materials and the current situation in the private housing construction market, as well as on many other conditions. No responsible developer company will name the final cost of a turnkey winter home on the first day of communication with a new client.

When pricing winter houses, the following are also taken into account:
  • - fare;
  • - the complexity of laying the foundation;
  • - the use of additional building and finishing materials due to the processing of the standard design of a winter house for specific customer requests.
How to make an order to construct a winter house?

Turnkey construction of winter houses in Belarus is the prerogative of only some real estate developers with the necessary production facilities. As a rule, such companies provide a full range of construction services, give a guarantee for a built winter house in Belarus and outside the country. As a rule, developers offer their services in packages, which is convenient for customers. The cost of the package is calculated based on the price category of the winter hoose. offered:
  • - a finished project of a winter house;
  • - turnkey construction of a winter house;
  • - advice on choosing a winter house project;
  • - delivery of building materials to the site where it is planned to build a winter house.
You can make an order to construct a winter house by contacting the specialists of the developer company by phone or by writing a letter to the email address, indicating the desired size of the house and the available budget. They will select an acceptable package of services, and if necessary adapt it to the existing budget and customer requests.


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