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Dialogue in the messenger between the customer and the manufacturer about the construction of a wooden house in the USA, Washington State, Washington, USA

Dialogue in the messenger of the customer of a wooden house for construction in the USA, Washington state

Vlad (customer): Hello

Alex (manufacturer, developer): Hello

Vlad: We need a one-story house made of timber with delivery to Washington, USA (USA, Washington state)

Alex: Maybe you liked some of the projects on our website or we will produce and build according to your project, maybe there is a technical specification?

Vlad: I liked one project from the site

Alex: Reset the link, please

Vlad: https://ownwoodenhouse.com/index.pl?act=PRODUCT&id=322

I liked this wooden house and maybe there is something similar from standard projects, one-story and maybe larger?

Alex: What set of premises is needed? Number of bedrooms, bathroom, living room area, is a technical room needed (furnace room, electrical room) And yes, in the link that you posted - it’s a bathhouse, with a large hall, and a bedroom on the mezzanine floor, not isolated. Therefore, the next and main question is, what is the purpose of the house?

Vlad: Come on vacation

Alex: Number of vacationers at the same time?

Vlad: 6

Alex: 3x2? 3 bedrooms?

Vlad: 3-4 bedrooms plus shared living room

Alex: I will offer a house made of laminated veneer lumber, project "Saxony Leipzig" 103 m² built in Germany in 2023.

The house has a living-dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom, a vestibule and a furnace room. Spacious covered terrace.

Here is the link:


Vlad: This house with a bathhouse?

Alex: Yes

Vlad: Nice house. How does the production and construction process take place? What do you need to prepare?

Alex: I’ll tell you now, but for now look at another option: black wooden chalet house made of timber "Black Forest", 164 m²

Here is the link to the project:


Alex: Oh, this one is much cuter. I like it too

Alex: Yes. But I wouldn’t do a second floor, it would make the project significantly more expensive, but it’s of little use, and the 2nd terrace at the back, in my opinion, is superfluous

Vlad: Oh, there’s a bathhouse in the photo. How much will this one-story and two-story house cost?

Alex: We’ll count and respond in 3 days

Vlad: Ok! Tuesday we are waiting for offers with 3 bedrooms, living room, 2 toilets, bathhouse, 1 floor, high ceilings. Everything is in this style. And yes, is it possible to install a glass shower instead of a shower stall in the bathroom? We're in no hurry. Let's do everything carefully so we don't miss anything. Here’s another question: do we need to prepare a serious foundation for it?

Alex: The type of foundation, the depth of piles or foundation strips depends on the soil and the difference in ground level in the building area. But in any case, this is a concrete foundation with a monolithic slab that will be the base of the floor, here is a photo of the construction process:

Vlad: Will you give me the terms of reference in English at home?

Alex: We will give the exact dimensions (on the plan), and the bindings of the sewer pipe outlets and communications entry points. But the type of foundation, depth, reinforcement scheme, etc., should be suggested by a local engineer, based on the conditions on the ground, and as is customary in your region.

Vlad: Are your workers assembling the house or should we look for our own?

Alex: In Europe, our builders would assemble it. In the USA, we can offer installation supervision - our specialists and your builders. For the assembly of the main supporting structure - the wooden walls of the house. Insulation and roofing, finishing of floors, ceilings, utility networks, electricity, plumbing, ventilation, these are already done by local performers. This is common practice. Taking into account visa difficulties... I have a visa. But there is little chance for the construction team

Vlad: OK, all dimensions should be in feet and the description should be in English

Alex: There’s nothing special to describe about the foundation, we’ll give the dimensions in feet. You must understand that in customs clearance in the USA, internal logistics, and organizational issues, you will have to. This is a house, you can’t send it as a file by email, and it won’t build itself

Vlad: There are specialists. For a wooden house, you also need assembly instructions in English.

Alex: There will be drawings, but there are some nuances and necessary skills, for a guaranteed, positive construction result, it is better to have supervision of installation, at least for the beginning of assembly and training in the nuances

Vlad: Let's consider it. I hope we get through the budgets

Alex: Check out this project. Room 09 is a steam room. Another question, what are the usual winter temperatures in the area of the planned construction? So that we could offer the optimal option for the thickness of timber walls. The volume of wall beams will significantly depend on this, and accordingly the cost of the kit and logistics


Vlad: Washington state, city of Calm. -15 probably happens in winter, but for how long? Let's ask now.
And yes, in this project in the hall, the ergonomics are not very good, you sit on the sofa and look into the fireplace. What about the beautiful view outside? You need at least one glass wall and a large sofa so you can see the view

Alex: Where else is "glassier"?)

a sofa and a fireplace can be placed so that there is a view from the window and a fireplace:

Do you like the project as a whole? By the number and area of premises?

Vlad: Yes, but the entire wall at the entrance needs to be made of glass

Alex: It won't work anymore. It is necessary to leave a supporting structure

Vlad: Yes, I see, there’s already enough here. How much does thicker timber increase the cost of the structure? IN %

Alex: If you mean walls, then it’s almost directly proportional

Vlad: You definitely don’t need the thinnest one

Alex: Wall thickness = timber volume. I didn't suggest the thinnest one. Optimal: 180 - 200 mm. There is also logistics. Greater weight, thicker timber = number of containers. If it happens -15 in Washington State, but not all the time, then it is a mild winter and this thickness of timber is quite enough.

Vlad: Thank you, I’m waiting for your proposal.

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