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Export of wooden houses to the EU

Export of wooden houses to the EU

Archiline, a well-known construction company operating since 2003, is a leader in the export of first-class wooden houses from Belarus to Europe.

With a focus on craftsmanship and innovation, Archiline is recognized for its expertise in round logs, profiled timber and laminated timber. This article explores Archiline's remarkable success story, highlighting the key features that make their timber homes so sought after in the European market.

Production of rounded logs attractiveness and durability

Archiline timber homes are carefully crafted from round logs, giving them timeless appeal and natural elegance. Each log is carefully selected and skillfully shaped, resulting in structures of the highest quality. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, rounded logs have exceptional thermal insulation properties, providing optimal energy efficiency and year-round comfort. European buyers value Archiline's commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly living through the use of rounded logs in their timber homes.

Profiled timber precision design and versatility of design

Archiline stands out for its use of profiled beams in its timber homes, demonstrating its commitment to precision engineering and design versatility. These beams are carefully shaped to fit together seamlessly, creating strong and safe structures. The use of profiled beams opens up endless design possibilities, allowing for open floor plans and custom architectural features. European customers appreciate the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that Archiline brings to their timber homes with these profiled beams.

Glued laminated timber unsurpassed quality, safety and environmental friendliness:

Archiline is committed to using laminated veneer lumber in the construction process, which is manufactured using environmentally friendly glue and ensures absolute safety. Laminated wood is superior to traditional wood or logs in quality and stability. Archiline wooden houses made from laminated veneer lumber have unsurpassed strength and durability, meeting and exceeding European standards. European buyers value the peace of mind that comes from investing in a timber home that is not only superior in quality, but also environmentally conscious.

Compliance with ETA 14/0367 Quality and reliability assurance:

Archiline attaches great importance to compliance with the ETA 14/0367 standard, which sets the requirements for load-bearing structures made of solid wood and laminated veneer lumber. Compliance with this standard ensures that Archiline timber houses meet the highest standards of quality and safety. European buyers can rest assured that Archiline timber homes are subject to stringent testing and certification, ensuring the longevity and security of their investment.

Efficient cargo transportation with code 940610:

Archiline simplifies the process of exporting its timber houses to Europe using the freight code 940610. This code classifies prefabricated buildings, including timber houses, for transport purposes. Using this code, Archiline ensures smooth logistics and simplifies customs procedures, ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of its timber houses to various European destinations. A seamless transport process improves the overall quality of service for European customers.

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