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Rounded dry log

Rounded dry log  The humidity of a rounded dry log is 9-12%. Cracks are formed directly by drying in a vacuum infrared camera and do not increase subsequintly.

We use new generation vacuum infrared camera for wood drying.
The technology of infrared vacuum dryers is positioned as environmentally friendly, running on electricity and eliminating any contamination emissions into the atmosphere. In Belarus, this technology is unique because it is used for the first time.

Using round logs of a technical drying, the "Archiline" company's clients have a unique opportunity to improve the quality and reduce construction time of a dream house. Using a timber of a technical drying has several advantages:

reduction in construction time, because in the process of drying in a vacuum at low temperatures a very good indicator of wood moisture reduction per hour of drying is achieved;
there is no cracking and beams deformation;
the wood color does not change;
constant internal structure of the dried material is achieved;
modified internal structure of dried material is achieved.
Production of wooden houses
Thus, applying a completely new technology of wood drying for our country, the company "Archiline" focuses on the quality and quantity! For now, we are able to produce a greater number of houses of technical drying material . It is known that this house almost does not shrink and, consequently, there is only one step from the project inception to its end.
Rounded dry log

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