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Hotel on stilts for swamps and tidal seas, project "Maldives"
for holidaymakers at sea

Hotel on stilts for swamps and tidal seas, project "Maldives"   We present to your attention a fast-built and inexpensive project of a mini-hotel, a hotel on stilts for swamps and tidal seas. Despite the small area, in such a hotel on stilts for swamps and tidal seas there is everything you need for a convenient and comfortable stay. So, a spacious relaxation room with large windows is located on 50 square meters, which gives excellent illumination of the entire space and, given that the project was designed for relaxation by bolted or tidal seas, this is an additional overview of the beauty of the surrounding landscape; a large bedroom intended for a family or company of up to 4 people, a bathroom and, of course, a terrace, access to which is from the common room. What could be better than getting comfortable on the terrace and enjoying the view of the water and basking in the sun. And in the evening go out and enjoy the sunset. The general approach in building a hotel on stilts for swamps and tidal seas, in choosing a color palette was to maximize the use of natural and soft natural tones, so there are no bright, flashy shades in the design.

The hotel is on stilts for swamps and tidal seas - and on the river, in the swamp and on the sea, but simply on any bank there can be a luxury hotel on stilts. In the mornings there is the smell of cappuccino, and expensive boats sway on the water here, but at the same time the hotel is completely autonomous from the water. Fish can be fished directly from the pier, but the products are transported by boat. Otherwise, no way, because the hotel is surrounded by water.

When you get to the hotel on stilts in a swamp in the first minutes, you are just speechless. After all, these are really people on the water: on the one hand, a hotel, on the other - lakes, ditches, and swamps, swamps, swamps ... And in the midst of this truly wild nature there is such a hotel, hotel, complex! Getting inside the hotel on stilts, you cease to navigate in space, believe in the reality of what is happening, keep track of time.

In other years, when the flood is very strong, the water rises to the hotel on stilts to such a level that a boat can sail right to the doorstep of the hotel. And the surrounding places turn into a huge expanse of water. The very sea that was at this place returns during the spill - and people go to see it. Therefore, they, of course, will not be very happy with this article.

The hotel on stilts is the only hill in the swamps. So this idea came about - an upscale hotel on stilts in the middle of wild aquatic nature. Access here is possible only by water, so everything is delivered on barges, boats. The whole logistics rests on them today: we deliver guests, necessary products, etc. Do not drive up to the hotel on stilts from the word "completely."

- Despite the fact that the hotel on stilts is far from civilization, everything has been done to the highest standards. The hotel is completely autonomous: water supply, sewage, heating ... In winter, you have to regularly use a diesel generator, but the rest of the year we are provided with energy by solar panels. Sewage: Norwegian technology, everything is absolutely hermetic and safe. In the summer, when there is sun and a supply of products, we can not go to the mainland at all. Our hotel is almost autonomous.

- The hotel operates on stilts year-round, each season has its own client: in the winter we often receive fishermen, in the off-season hunters, well, in the summer there is an influx of tourists, including foreign ones. We are equipped with 14 double rooms of the standard plan and four - VIP-plan, two-room. Each of the VIP rooms has its own unique finish. Maximum can take about 40 people.

- For a good rest there is a bathhouse, for entertainment we offer billiards, tennis, a volleyball court, there is also a rental of rowing boats for lovers of outdoor recreation. - There is a separate pond for those who want to get a guaranteed catch. We keep an apiary with bees - our honey is very much appreciated!

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