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Horse stables (for 5 horses)
project "Bucephalus"

Horse stables (for 5 horses)   Stable for horses for 5 stalls, the project "Bucephalus" - from the best builders. Project "Bucephalus" is so durable and reliable that it will be inherited and may someday become a hotel, an agricultural estate or a popular bar.

In the Bucephalus stable, the timber is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Or maybe immediately build a stable with a hotel? And make money on the hotel business and horse rental?

In such a stable with the hotel, both people and horses will have a great rest. It is so wonderful to come to rest in a hotel and see real live horses there and feel real life!

Act! Below is the initial information, but it is better to contact our staff and we will tell you the details.

"Bucephalus" stable for horses (for 5 horses):

The plan of the wooden stable "Bucephalus" (for 5 horses):

Interiors of the wooden stable "Bucephalus" (for 5 horses):

Sketches of the facades of the wooden stable "Bucephalus" (for 5 horses): План деревянной конюшни на 5 голов

Разрешение на строительство конюшни

Hotel "Pegasus" which can be built next to the Babylon stable:

Sauna "Aurora" which can be built next to the Babylon stable:

If you need another project, the architectural and construction company Archiline Houses has been on the market for building wooden houses for 15 years and has been offering its product - complete turnkey stables construction solutions. Our advantages: quick construction, reasonable prices, our own departments: construction, production and design. We work with all the norms and nuances of keeping horses. The cost of the preliminary design from 2 $ / sq.m.

General information:

Stable for horses. Things to consider before starting to build a stable for horses:

The horse spends most of his life in the stable. Here she is
eating, sleeping, resting and gaining strength. It should be light, dry and without drafts.

The horse, having its size and strength, is an animal sensitive to the conditions of detention. There is one step from the incorrect maintenance of a horse to illness.

This can be avoided by making the horse a good home. Horse stables can be bought and built with Archiline. Turnkey construction of a stable at an optimal price is what our company does on a professional level.

Projects and ideas for the construction of the stable:

You need to start work on the construction with the choice or manufacture of the project stables. The project of the stable can be bought or ordered by the specialists of our company. You can download the finished project from the Internet or outline the main plans yourself. But it’s better to do a project with our company, because when ordering a stable from us at a great price it will cost you for free.

We know that the design of the stables should take into account:

In the stable, it should be convenient for both grooms and horses.
There should be rooms for feed, ammunition and equipment
The size of the stall is 4 square meters. m per horse or - 3 m in length and width from 1.5 meters
Horses need easy turning in the stall
There must be a passage sufficient to deploy the horse and put it on the interchanges, that is, at least one and a half meters.
Standard draft stables for six horses.
High stable ceilings - better ventilation.
Optimum ceiling height five meters
Additional ventilation devices allow a ceiling height of three meters.
The stable is located along the length of the area with a cold climate from north to south, with a mild climate - from east to west.
Horses are herd animals
Stalls should be located nearby so that the horses can see each other.
If there are less than 10 horses, horse stalls are placed in a row along the aisle
If there are more than 10 horses, stalls are placed in 2 rows
A typical design of a stable is cheaper than an individual.

Choosing a place for building a stable:

During the construction of the stable, the following factors are taken into account:

Groundwater. Depth - more than a meter from the base of the foundation.
In other cases, you need to make a good drainage system.
It is better to choose a place for the stable on a hill, which does not flood after rains and melting snow.
The dampness in the stable affects the legs badly, but this is the working body of the horse. Rotting of the arrows of hooves may begin.
If there is no hill, you can pour it.
It is better not to build on sandy areas and marshy areas. Sand and dirt are not suitable for horse walking; soil will have to be imported.
Wind direction. The stable is placed so that the winds blow in a corner or end.
The door to the stable is made from the leeward side.
The stables are not designed close to the living quarters.
Good access roads make it easy for owners and special vehicles to reach the stable.
After the construction of the stable, there should be no debris or construction waste in the ground.
The stable itself is a small area for keeping horses.
Need a levada where the horses will walk
Storage room for hay and feed.
A platform for training horses.
The territory for the storage of manure.

General Stable Design:

A stable plan is a model project, a modification of a standard project, or a completely new design.
Archiline designs using specialized computer programs.
The finished project is submitted to local authorities for permission to build a stable
At this stage, the cost of building a stable is calculated.
At this stage, the components for the business plan of the stables are calculated - if this is a commercial project.
When designing, the Archiline company draws up an estimate with the cost of materials, builder services, communications;
Individual project - protection against unforeseen expenses.

Stable Wall Design:

The wooden walls of a stable made of timber or logs are the strength of the building and operational qualities - thermal conductivity and ease of maintaining the microclimate necessary for horses.
The thickness of the walls of the stable depends on the climatic zone.
In a warm climate, the walls are thinner in the colder - thicker (calculated during design).
Under the same conditions, the wooden wall of the stables is thinner than the brick.
Wooden walls in frost should not freeze through and keep the temperature not lower than 10 degrees Celsius.
For areas where minus lasts 2 or more months, the thickness of wooden walls is from 16 to 20 cm.
Turnkey construction of a wooden stable is an option for a better project price
Archiline has experience in protecting wood, which maximally extends the duration of its operation.

Designing the foundation and roof of the stables:

The foundation is laid with waterproof material.
The roof is sloping. Gable or gable with an attic and hayloft.
The height of the gable roof is 2 meters or more. Skate above 4 m.
The lower edge of the slope of the pitched roof from the foundation 3 and whiter than a meter.
Roofing materials - tiles or soft roofs.
At a sufficient height, an attic for hay is equipped.

Doors in the stable:

The doors have a height and a width so that a horse with a rider passes.
Approximate dimensions - 2.5 meters 1.5 meters.
A double design is desirable, the top of the door can be opened independently of the bottom for quick ventilation
Two locks on the door - Horses quickly learn to open the deadbolts.
The first deadbolt for the upper opening part, the second deadbolt 10-15 cm from the floor.
The upper edge of the lower part of the door is covered with iron sheet so that the horses do not gnaw it.
Parts of the door fit snugly against each other, without drafts.
Partitions between the stalls are built from unpainted boards.
Height - 2.5 meters.
The lower part of the stalls to a height of 1.5 meters is continuous, the upper part with gaps so that the horses can see each other.
Sometimes partitions in the stable are made collapsible.

Stable floor design:

Adobe (classic) stables floor:

Cheap, easy to build and repair. soft for hoofs.
The disadvantage of adobe flooring is the complicated sanitization and absorption of horse excrement.
Any floor has a slope of 1 - 1.5 cm / meter of floor.

Cement floor stables:

easy to clean, does not leak moisture and racks.
Drains outside, drainage inside.
A drainage hole is made in the back of the stall, a slope is attached to the floor so that urine flows into the drainage.
The disadvantage of the cement floor is hardness and cold, you have to make a wooden floor or constantly pour a layer of sawdust.

Wooden floor stables:

the pit with a depth of up to 30 cm is filled with crushed stone, on top of the beam they are covered with a 5 cm thick board.
A drainage ditch 50 cm deep is laid along the perimeter of the stable.

Stable Ceiling:

- Dense ceiling from boards 5 cm thick with standard insulation

Stable Window Design:

Windows from 1.5 to 2 meters from the floor
Size 50 x 70 cm.
The area of ​​windows is the eighth of the area of ​​the wooden walls of the stable. For the right amount of light.
The windows are equipped with shutters for blackout at night.
Mosquito net

Stable Communications Design:

Electricity. In the stable there should be light in the hallway and stalls.
The daylight hours in the horse stables should be 8 hours.
Light is needed for cleaning stalls and caring for horses.
Sockets for electrical appliances should be placed outside at the front door or in technical rooms or in the corridor at the front door. And in the staff lounge.

Stable ventilation design:

Ventilation must be required!
Sometimes for ventilation they leave a gap between the roof and the crowns of the walls - this is not so.
A horse can catch a cold from a draft.
Ventilation is needed - the air must be dry and clean. What is directly related to the health of the horse.
Horses quickly heat the room with the warmth of their bodies, and the stable should always be cool.
Ventilation holes must be located at different heights. This creates air draft.
Ventilation inlets are made in stalls, and weekends are on the roof.
Stable ventilation solves condensation.

Water supply and heating stables:

Water is needed in the technical room
If you can’t hold water in the stable, make room for large barrels of water.
A horse needs 50 liters of water per day.
The cold is not as bad for horses as the heat and stuffiness.
The temperature in the stable should be from + 5 to +15 degrees.
Stable heating is decided by standard methods depending on the availability of fuel.

Safety in the stable:

The presence of fire extinguishers and boxes of sand.
Horses are strong animals. Frightened, they hit the doors and partitions with force. The strength of these elements is the basis of security.
Wiring and sockets should not protrude, horses should not reach them and receive electric shock.
There should not be anything inside the stable that the horse may or may be injured.

Materials for the construction of the stable:

There are a lot of options for materials for building a stable. The best material for building a stable is wood, worse foam blocks and bricks.
Frames are used from great poverty, and concrete and stone are not suitable for the construction of stables.
The wooden stable perfectly retains heat inside, and is permeable to atmospheric air and natural gas exchange. It keeps heat well.
For the same thermal conductivity of a brick and a wooden wall, the brick will have to be made several times thicker.
The price of a wooden stable is less, and building it faster and more convenient.
For the construction of the walls of the stable from logs use logs with a diameter of 20-26
For a stable from a bar - glued or profiled beam from 16 to 20 cm thick.
A stable of brick retains heat worse than wooden, expensive in materials and has a low speed during construction.
The stable of foam blocks has a low aesthetic value.

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