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Traditional Finnish house Honka Hannunmaja 72, 82, 84 m²

Traditional Finnish house Honka Hannunmaja 72, 82, 84 m²
One of the most popular projects among Finnish houses Honka Hannunmaja is presented in three versions - 72 m², 82 m², 84 m².

The first house is a one-story building with high ceilings and a second light, a similar layout significantly expands the space.

The second and third version of the house has an attic floor.

The Hannunmaja house has one or two bedrooms, a sauna, a spacious living room and a kitchen-dining room can be located.

Plans for a one-story house Hannunmaja with an area of 72 meters

Plans for a 82-meter two-story house Honka Hannunmaja

Plans for a 84-meter two-story house Honka Hannunmaja

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