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Wooden house, project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" 52 m2
built in the Netherlands, Utrecht in 2014

Wooden house, project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" 52 m2

"Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" - a beautiful project of a wooden house made of logs. The ideal combination of size, price and quality. A small investment of materials, money and time, and the end result is a log house that will be the envy of the neighbors.

On a small area of the first floor there are: a terrace, a kitchen-living room, a bedroom, a sanitary unit:

Log Cabins Kits: Small log house

The wooden house project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is a proven project in the market for the construction of wooden houses. Over the 12 years of operation, the company built six such houses.

The wooden house project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" was one of the first projects of our company in modern turnkey wooden construction. It was the first where, with the help of our company’s specialists, we mastered and introduced turnkey technology in the mass construction of wooden houses. We organized a permanent production of our products. We introduced a system of staged payment for production and construction, where the buyer pays for the work after its completion. We created a modern, high-quality and affordable project. Our clients often choose this wooden house. The project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" deserves special attention.

When decorating a house made of dry logs "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn", materials such as Tikkurila jelly-like glazing antiseptic were used.



Ceramic tiles are used on the roof of the wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn". Depending on the client’s wishes, the material is selected, guided by such factors as type, quality and price.
Natural ceramic tiles are often preferred:

high strength
availability of repairs
excellent sound insulation;
not subject to corrosion.
fire resistance

WHY IS IT WORTH BUYING A WOODEN HOUSE "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn"?

The wooden house project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" has been in production for 12 years, which indicates the high quality of the product, successful design and ease of living.
The project of a wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is manufactured by full cycle production, the house is produced in our production: from felling wood to the finished house, from raw boards to finishing materials
The builders of the wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" have ten years of experience.
We will independently make the foundation for a wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn", which makes it affordable.
The "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" house is being built quickly. It is so authentic that it requires no finishing.
The wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is ready for living immediately after installation.
The wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" has a low price, which is explained by a well-functioning construction and production process, which reduces production costs. You are buying a wooden house at a low price.
The high quality of the wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" ensures proven production cycles, which guarantees high quality products.
The wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is warm. Its characteristics are superior to those of a stone house; it heats up quickly and retains heat.
The wooden house built according to the project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is environmentally friendly


fast construction and low cost;
the construction of a wooden house project "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" can be done with your own hands;
low cost of foundation;
Unlike frame houses and buildings made of timber, the construction of such a building requires 2 times less time and 10 times less insulation in which rodents and insects live
installation of a wooden house "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn" is simpler, less labor is spent on construction;
a wooden house is easily finished, and its service life exceeds 100 years;
the ability to hide communications inside the walls;
In recent years, the construction of wooden houses has become prestigious; low cost, environmental friendliness and warmth are what attracts customers.

Do you want to build a wooden house? What is better, buy a ready-made house or start building a house yourself? One of the good options: buy a wooden house kit "Netherlands, Utrecht, Maarn"

Wood home construction

Wood home construction in Maarn, Netherlands

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