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BIM technologies in the design of houses

BIM technologies in the design of houses

What is BIM House Design?

Building Information Modeling (BIM). The abbreviation stands for a set of measures and works to manage the life cycle of a building, from design to dismantling. BIM
technologies cover the design, construction, operation, repair of a house, building or other structure. A distinctive feature of BIM
design is the collection and processing of data on architectural, planning, structural, economic, technological, and operational characteristics of the facility, combined in a single information field (BIM – models). All the data contained in the information model of an object are interconnected and interdependent. BIM technologies
are based on a virtual three-dimensional model with real physical properties. But these are not all the resources of information modeling technology. It is joined by additional dimensions: time, plans, cost, which makes it possible to calculate and determine the parameters of construction processes even before the start of construction work on the site.

How does BIM design work?

When creating a three-dimensional information model, the work is divided into the following parts:

  1. Development of blocks of primary design elements. These are finished products necessary for the building (doors, windows, heating and lighting devices, floor slabs, ventilation equipment, etc.), manufactured outside the construction site. These elements are not divided into parts during the construction of the facility.
  2. Modeling of those parts of the facility that are erected on the construction site: foundation, walls, roof and roof structures, hinged façade and other necessary elements of the building.

At the same time, the division into stages is conditional. In BIM modeling, it is possible to replace a batch of unsuitable elements. The stages of modeling have changed, but this will not require additional work on the development of the project. The use of another automatic product will be reflected in the relevant technical documentation and in the appearance of the object. An information model changes its content and configuration throughout the life cycle of an object.

Why did we move away from the classic two-dimensional design of houses?

Our company values the time of its customers and employees, so we try to simplify and optimize the design process in every possible way. The implementation
of BIMtechnologies is just one of such methods, as it has a number of advantages over two-dimensional design:

  • Three-dimensional design of houses. 3D – visualization allows you to visually inform all interested parties (investors, contractors, future residents, inspection authorities) about the condition of the facility.
  • The ability to make changes to design solutions quickly and efficiently, with the result visible in all interconnected projections.
  • A significant reduction in the time required for the preparation of project documentation.
  • Reducing the probability of errors, the technology allows you to identify inconsistencies and problems at the design stage, and not in the process of construction or commissioning of the facility.
  • Simplification of calculations of building structures, development of engineering complexes using existing bases of typical structures and units.

As a result, all of the above reduces the customer's monetary costs, reduces the time for putting a house or building into operation.

What software do we use in our work?

We strive to develop and improve, so we are constantly trying something new. During the existence of Archiline, our employees have tested a variety of software for modeling, as well as visualization of our projects. K3-cottage
, AutoCAD, SketchUp – this is a small part of what we used in our work. At the moment, all our projects are being worked on in the ARCHICAD environment
In conjunction with the applications - AT Ventsy and Twinmotion - in our opinion, the most convenient BIM
solution for wooden housing construction.

Examples of our work:

Typical project of a log house with a terrace "Eurodom-1" 90 m²

The project of a wooden house from the Archiline company looks like this: The cost of design is low - 10 Belarusian rubles / m2. When signing a contract for the production of a house,

we will offset the cost of design into production. In fact, the design will cost you for free. The house, having 120 m2, costs 1200
. The first sheet of the project is needed to familiarize yourself with the content of the general data: The second sheet is an explanatory note:Third Sheet: Master Plan Diagram: On the fourth sheet: Perspective views of the designed house: On the following sheets, the facades: Seventh Sheet: Foundation Diagram: On the eighth sheet is the plan of the house with the arrangement of furniture: Ninth Sheet: Roof Plan Tenth sheet indicates heights, dimensions of door and window openings, overall dimensions of the building: Two sheets show the facades of the outbuilding with an indication of the heights: Thirteenth sheet scheme of the foundation and outbuilding:The next sheet contains the roof plan of the outbuilding: As a result, you get a set of necessary drawings according to which you can safely build a house: Let's see what kind of house we got. Wall material - glued laminated timber with a cross-section of 200x185 mm, roof - ceramic tiles:

Wooden House made of glued laminated timber

Pavillon with Grill

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