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How can a foreigner buy a real estate with land in Belarus, in Minsk?

How can a foreigner buy a real estate with land in Belarus, in Minsk?
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How can a foreigner buy a real estate with land in Belarus, in Minsk?

At the moment, any foreign citizen or stateless person with identification documents can purchase a real estate and a piece of land in Minsk, Belarus. The purchase procedure itself is close to the transactions of Belarusian citizens. About what such foreigners need to know in our article.

Residential real estate and office premises in Minsk and Belarus.

To conduct a transaction, you need a passport and a notarized translation of the passport data into the state language. Obtaining a residence permit is not required, but temporary registration is required in Belarus.

The law provides for the presence of an interpreter in a transaction if a foreign citizen does not know the language and is not able to independently read the contract of sale.

In order to buy suburban real estate in Minsk and Belarus, all foreign citizens need to observe certain conditions.

Buying a house with a plot of land in Minsk, Belarus for foreign citizens.

In the case of acquiring a house or a cottage in Minsk or outside the city, a foreign citizen becomes the owner of the building, land cannot be obtained in private ownership. The exception is land and houses with land inherited.

In Belarus, land in private ownership can be acquired:

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus;

Legal entities.

Foreign citizens in Belarus and Minsk can only rent a plot. The maximum rental period is 99 years. That is, a foreign citizen has the right to own a residential building or other building on leased land.

Real estate sellers should consider that in order to sell their house or cottage with private piece of land to a foreigner, it is necessary to go through the privatization procedure. That is, to transfer land to the state, which will lease it to a foreign citizen. It is important prior to the privatization of land to fix the agreement legally. So that by the time the procedure is completed, the buyer does not abandon his obligations.

Property Taxes

Buying a real estate in the Republic of Belarus and Minsk is not taxed.

In the case of the sale of a real estate by a foreign citizen, it is necessary to find out whether he is a resident of the Republic of Belarus. If a foreigner lives in Belarus for more than 183 days in a calendar year, he is recognized as a resident, and there is no need to pay income tax from the first sale for 5 years of an apartment, house (including unfinished), land, or a summer house.

A non-resident, that is, one who has lived on the territory of our country for less than 183 days in a calendar year, must pay income tax in the amount of 13% of income - the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

If a gift agreement is drawn up for a foreigner

No difficulties arise if the transaction is made with a close relative:


Parents (adoptive parents, adoptive parents);

Children (including adopted, adopted);


The brothers-in-law (close relatives of the spouse).

If the donor is not a close relative or guardian (or ward), then the foreigner needs to pay income tax - 13% of the assessed value of the object.

What questions do foreigners still care about when buying property in Belarus?

Do I need to report where the foreign citizen got the money to buy real estate in Belarus?

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 04.01.2003 No. 174-З (as amended on 01/09/2017) "On the declaration by individuals of income and property at the request of the tax authorities", an individual must submit a declaration of income and property at the written request of the tax authority . A written notification is received if the tax authority has information about the excess of the value of property owned by an individual and the expenses of that person over his income received from legal sources in the amount of at least 250 base units based on the amount of the base amount established on the day such excess is established .

This rule applies to foreign citizens only if they are permanently resident in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Are there benefits or simplifications in the process of obtaining a Belarusian visa for foreigners with real estate in Belarus?

Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated July 15, 2010 No. 1065 (as amended on May 25, 2018) "On Approving the Visa Rules of the Republic of Belarus" - provides for such a criterion as a benefit or simplification.

The presence of real estate in the territory of the Republic of Belarus may serve as the basis for a foreign citizen to receive a long-term entry visa (type D). The basis is private affairs. For a period of 1 year with the right to stay up to 90 days, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus. To apply for an entry visa, the owner of the premises and members of his family must provide a document confirming the availability of premises in Belarus.

Do foreign citizens who have real estate in Belarus have advantages in obtaining a residence permit?

The list of grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit is given in Art. 53 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 04.01.2010 No. 105-Z "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus".

There are countries where a foreigner acquires citizenship when buying real estate, but we do not have such a practice. This article does not provide benefits for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens who have bought an apartment or house in Belarus.

However, if a foreign citizen is an investor who has invested at least EUR 150,000 in investment activities in the Republic of Belarus, he will be issued a permanent residence permit.

We help foreigners acquire and sell real estate in Minsk, Belarus. Contact us, we will be happy to help!

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