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Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant

Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant  Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant

Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant In connection with the increase in earthquakes in many regions of the world, many homeowners are trying to find out what they can do to protect their home from this natural phenomenon. Despite the need to protect your house from shaking the earth's crust even during construction, there are also many ways that you can use to save your family in case this misfortune caught you off guard. The general consequences of the earthquake include such damages: broken glass flying, falling objects of everyday life, cracks in the ceilings of buildings and faults in the earth's crust.

If your house is wooden, from a log or a bar, especially if it is made using the technology of the company "ArchiLine Log Houses", your problems are solved by 90%.

If your wooden house is another firm, some refinement will be required.

To ensure that residents in your wooden house are not injured due to flying glass during an earthquake, the best solution is to stick the unbreakable film on the glass, which can be mounted by professionals on your windows. The film does not save the glass from breaking, but in this case the fragments do not scatter around the rooms due to the membrane.

If your wooden house has large furniture or household appliances that can fall as a result of the earthquake, it will be a good idea to fix these items with an anchor bolt on the wall. Sideboards, wardrobes with clothes and books tend to fall into the room, because they are usually tall and heavy; Materials for furniture protection are available at the local building store. Other things that need protection, such as boilers or refrigerators, can also be fixed using the same tools that can be found in any industrial supermarket.

Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant

Shifting your wooden house from the foundation is a real problem with the earthquake; if the dwelling is located in an area prone to earthquakes, then it will be necessary to install anchor bolts to the underlay beam, which provide stability between the structure and its foundation. There are many different types of fixation materials that can strengthen the walls of a wooden house along the perimeter for the fusion of a concrete or metal base and wooden walls. This is done to ensure that the bundle of the foundation with the building will remain in place.

Remember that danger is not always present only inside the house; some earthquakes are dangerous outside. Make sure that the trees on your land are healthy, cut off all the dry branches and dried trees that can damage your house. The more preventive measures you take to protect your home from an earthquake, the more seismic your home will be.

Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant

Another set of rules that guide the architects of our company to improve the seismic resistance of a wooden house:

It is necessary to understand that earthquakes can not be foreseen for earlier, nor, moreover, are prevented. The only thing a person can do to protect himself and his family members is to build a house that will be able to withstand them as much as possible. Therefore, there are rules that must be borne in mind at the very beginning of the construction of a new house and which our architects and builders adhere to.

1. Develop a project of an earthquake-proof house should be a high-class architect or structural engineer.

The earthquake-proof house, regardless of its size, must have a fixed center of gravity. Only a knowledgeable architect or structural engineer can correctly calculate it and give appropriate recommendations regarding the structures of resistance at home. Naturally, they need to be guided in the construction of an earthquake resistant house.

2. Build a wooden earthquake resistant house on a perfectly flat surface.

As far as the surface of earth prone to earthquakes is more biased and unstable, the risk of destruction during an earthquake is so much higher. It should not be forgotten that the earthquake-proof foundation holds the entire structure in an earthquake, so it must have a special design and be in perfect balance.

3. A simple form of an earthquake-resistant house is important.

Recently, houses of unconventional, and often futuristic, forms have become very popular. However, it is necessary to know that the classical forms are more stable and reliable in the event of an earthquake, again because of the center of gravity, which can not be accurately determined in a building with complex shapes. It is clear that the center of gravity of a square or rectangle can be calculated much simpler than any non-traditional geometric figure.

Earthquake - how to make your wooden house earthquake resistant

4. Choose the most sustainable building materials for a seismic stable.

What is easier to break: hollow or solid brick? The answer is obvious. It must be remembered that an earthquake-resistant house is being built for many years and should not be destroyed as a result of an earthquake of 6 points. It is better to spend a little more, but to get high-quality and strong building material


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