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Triangular house A-shaped hut, A-frame house
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Triangular house A-shaped hut, A-frame house

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There is no need to romanticize the practicality of the triangular huts so popular in our latitudes. At the moment, such houses are more often used as summer cottages, but there are prerequisites for their construction and for permanent residence.


The concept of a triangular hut house - appeared in the last century. They began to build housing without walls for the speed of construction and saving building materials. The main enclosing structure of such a house is a gable roof to the ground.

When minimalism, environmental friendliness, closeness to nature came into fashion, these ideas attracted attention, triangular houses with A-shaped huts began to be erected everywhere.

The idea of an A-frame building is simple and original. It consists in abandoning the walls and replacing them with a steep gable roof, which descends from the ridge to the foundation. The general structure of the building is a frame base of several triangular frames.

Triangular houses, A-frame huts, houses in Belarus, as well as in other countries, where there is a snowy winter, are popular. Such houses are made in the form of a hut and have a specific architectural style, which is characterized by a steep roof, starting at the very foundation. This type of house has existed for a very long time. They are easy to build and do not require a large amount of building materials, which makes their construction cost effective and inexpensive.

However, triangular A-frame huts are not devoid of pluses and minuses. The main advantages include:

  • reduction of construction time;
  • the ability to implement the project yourself;
  • small building area;
  • the costs of building walls and laying a monolithic foundation are excluded;
  • minimum snow load;
  • original appearance.

Triangular houses, A-frame huts, have their disadvantages:

  • loss of usable area due to sloping walls. This is remedied by built-in storage racks along the roof slope;
  • large windage: the design should take into account the strength and direction of the prevailing winds, taking this into account to
  • be located on the site;
  • insufficient natural light, however, panoramic glazing and / or skylights can be arranged;
  • it is difficult to allocate a place for autonomous constant heating;
  • the complexity of the internal layout;

A noticeable loss of floor space is noticeable in homes with a roof pitch of less than 50 degrees. Where the slope of the slopes is more than 60 degrees, a person can stand at full height just 1 meter from the wall.

The high roof allows you to equip two residential levels under it. This feature of the layout is convenient for housing being built on a small plot. According to the layouts, most often the first floor is reserved for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and on the second floor you can equip a private sleeping area.

The main argument of the supporters of triangular huts is the speed of construction, while opponents believe that saving on building materials is deceiving, and the premises are cramped.

A typical A-frame house is sized to accommodate a family of 2 to 3 people. Such buildings can be used not only as houses for living, but also as guest houses, or for renting for the summer by teenagers.

A simple country house-hut can be built with your own hands. despite the possible very small area, the house can perfectly cope with its purpose - rest in the shade, protection from the rain, a comfortable meal, and an overnight stay. The "tinyness" of such houses can be an additional advantage of huts, especially when the construction of the classic type is not rational. A spacious terrace with a dining table will help you forget about the cramped atmosphere during evening gatherings with friends.

A small one-storey hut for a summer vacation does not require a foundation and expensive materials: quickly, cheaply and beautifully. For owners of large plots by the river, this idea is suitable for a fishing lodge or lodge.

The huge roof area can be used to install solar panels and solar water collectors to heat the building.

If the front panel of the triangular hut is "deepened" to create protrusions on the sides, then a balcony can be equipped on the second floor, and there will be room for a rocking chair or a tea table below, and this place can be enlarged and a full terrace can be made. If desired, the balcony can be donated in favor of increasing the area of the second floor.

The peculiarities of the A-type construction technology make it possible to "erect" houses near the cliff and on the mountain ledges, revealing extraordinary landscapes.

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