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The wooden house from a bar - House of timber- the price, design, construction

The wooden house from a bar - House of timber- the price, design, construction

Projects of houses from a bar are popular with people who have decided to live outside the city. The house from a bar - the environmentally friendly, strong, warm and reliable house. The decision to live in a wooden house - a step that causes a lot of questions about the construction. A reliable company with extensive experience solves this issue. Also attractive and reasonable price. Our main direction is the construction of houses from turnkey timber in Minsk and other cities of Belarus

Construction of a new house of turnkey? Elementary!

We build houses from a turnkey bar cheaply, for this you need to choose a house on the site, make a house project or provide an individual project. We comply with the full technology of production of houses from timber and build in the allotted time.

We recommend to begin construction of wooden houses from a bar with a choice of material.

On the site we present projects of houses from profiled timber - made from coniferous species. Construction of houses from timber is possible from any type of wood. But to build a house was inexpensive, and the price of the house has not increased significantly, it is necessary to choose the right material for processing.

At the same time, winter forest is considered sustainable, which was cut down with minus. Timber in the manufacture of the house is treated with impregnations, to protect against moisture and parasites. Many of our clients want an inexpensive house from a turnkey lumber, so that we are engaged in construction, and they controlled it. We agree on a reasonable price for both parties. You just choose a project and get a finished house from a bar with the right price in Minsk and other cities of Belarus. Buying a house from our company, you buy the reliability and many years of experience in the construction of environmentally friendly timber houses!

Description of the products of our company you read above. We decided to study what sellers of houses from a bar in Belarus offer. We will not reveal from the name, call them: Manufacturer 1, Manufacturer 2, etc.

So read:

Construction of houses from a bar! Prices! 100% guaranteed! - Seller offer 2

Houses from a bar!

The house from a bar was always a standard of reliability. A place to pull, a place to breathe easily. A tree house is the house where children are raised, where they want to return, where specialists have taken care of your comfort. Nowadays, a house made of environmentally friendly material is what they are striving for. Our company has built houses for many years from solid wood, drying it in Italian dryers. The drying complex for drying large sections of timber reduces the drying time giving high quality dry timber! The process is fully automated. Corner joints are made with high accuracy. At the exit we have houses from a technical drying bar with a moisture percentage of 17-19%. This is a house in which finishing work can be started. Walls with no cracks, as the beam is profiled already dry. The excellent profile and the ideal cross-section of the log 220/150 makes the house warm and of high quality.

We also do not forget the technology of building houses from a bar of natural humidity. Excellent proven in Belarus. The walls are assembled on studs and nodes "Strength", also used Nagel and mandatory heavy roofing.

The general experience of building houses from timber is more than 15 years. In addition to raw timber and technical drying, we use glued laminated timber. Built over 400 houses. We produce related materials for construction at our own production in Belarus. We guarantee high quality construction, and low prices - by reducing construction costs. As a result, you have a house from a bar at the lowest price in Belarus!

What is good at home from a bar?

Houses from a bar perfectly isolate from external weather: keep heat in a cold, save on heating, and create a cool in a summer heat. In houses from a bar there are less microbes and bacteria. The people living in houses from a bar are much healthier. Houses from a bar, even when using one project will be individual due to the tree structure. With the construction of wood takes less money than using other materials, you save already on the foundation! The price of the house consists of labor costs and the cost of timber.

The house from a bar - the price, design, construction

Houses from a turnkey bar! - Seller offer 3

Houses from a bar

On our site a large selection of projects of modern houses from a bar. Performance of all construction works from scratch and on a turn-key basis. We can build any house on an individual project from our catalog. Strict compliance with engineering requirements for construction. Houses from a turnkey lumber, from our company are high quality and safe. In our office, you can choose a house from a bar whose price is from 6000 to 35000 dollars.

Advantage of houses from a bar.

Natural wood buildings are safe for health. The tree creates an excellent microclimate.

Construction of houses from a bar does not demand a lot of time and labor expenses. It does not require a lot of workers and heavy construction equipment. Houses from a bar do not lose appearance for centuries, cost cheap. Profiled timber has a weight less than many other materials, which reduces the cost of the foundation. It is enough to make a tape type foundation. Also houses from a bar allow to save on system of heating and conditioning. Wood is better than brick retains heat and cool.

If you need a turnkey house from a bar in Minsk, we are ready to build with all the wishes. Warranty on the operation of the house up to 20 years. To obtain information on the design and construction of houses from a timber call us by the contacts listed on the site.

The house from a bar - the price, design, construction

House from a turnkey bar, building a house from a bar at a low price in Minsk in Belarus -
Seller offer 4

Houses from a bar

We offer environmentally friendly houses from a turnkey bar. We produce glued beams on high-quality German glue. We guarantee durability, reliability and safety of materials.

Houses from a turnkey bar at a low price from our website can be ordered by phone and in the office.

Construction of houses from a bar includes a wide range of services:

- design,

- budgeting;

- development of project documentation;

- production of structural elements in production;

- construction of the foundation,

- installation work of walls from a bar

- roofing.

We sell a complete set of homes for permanent residence. The house of the bar, with a low price is one-storey and two-storey, with a balcony and an attic. There are houses with garages, two bathrooms, rooms for boiler rooms and terraces.

Houses from a bar advantages and features:

- The popularity of building houses from timber is growing every year.

- In construction only environmentally friendly materials are used. The house is rich in phytoncides.

- Do not shrink.

- Houses are durable.

- Warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Do not need additional finishing.

- Resistant to temperature extremes.

- Low weight design allows the use of pile-screw and strip foundations.

- The price of the house from the bar below is built within 3 months.

- We process the house from a bar with special impregnations, from a mold, moisture and a fungus. We use certified formulations from leading manufacturers.

Why building a house from a bar to order from us?

Own production of timber.
Compliance with the technology of building houses from timber.
Construction quality control.
Highly qualified builders and designers.

House of timber - the choice of a reasonable person!

Standard projects of houses from a bar and a log. Projects of wooden houses at low prices! - Sales Offer 5

Building a house from a turnkey cant is a responsible and serious stage in the life of a person and his family.

What we design, produce and build:

Houses from profiled timber
Houses from glued beams
Houses with a garage
Houses from a bar with a mansard
One-story houses
Houses made of logs
Barbecue Baths
Baths from a bar with a pool
Bathhouse with guest house
Bathhouse with terrace
Two-storey houses from a bar
Carports and garages

Start building a house from a bar - you need a project.

Before building it is important to determine the site. Its size and availability of communications will determine the future project of your home. It is necessary to determine the minimum set of rooms, choose the project of the house from a bar, glued timber or logs. Then you can begin to start building a house from a turnkey bar. Project documentation will be an important tool during the construction and communication phase.

Individual or model project at home, which is better?

Our site presents projects of houses from the profiled and glued timber. You can always choose a project of a comfortable and beautiful home. You can choose a standard project with the possibility of redevelopment or choose an individual project, according to your wishes.

It is important to decide that if you do not assume non-standard elements, then it is possible to take as a basis a typical project of a house from a bar. In the model project, you can make changes; make redevelopment of rooms, change the material of the walls from the beam to the log.

But if you plan a non-standard house, an unusual roof, a second light, windows to the floor is better to design a wooden house.

Ideal project of a wooden house:

Own architectural office with a team of professionals.
Base designed and built projects.
Excursion on the built objects.
Design programs. (K-3 cottage, 3D Max).
Positive team - the construction process is not fast, it is important how you will have to communicate.

The purpose of designing a house from a bar is a finished wooden house, through turnkey construction.

Building houses is our way of life, for 15 years we have built more than 110 wooden houses and baths in Belarus and beyond.

After pouring the foundation, installing the walls and roof, we proceed to the polishing of the walls, conduct communications, install windows and doors. Warming of the roof, heating, electrical and plumbing, laying floors - completes this stage.

Getting a technical passport to the house in the BTI. We control all the construction of a turnkey wooden house and are responsible for the quality of work. We build and design - especially for you!

House from a turnkey bar in Minsk at a bargain price - Seller's offer 6

Construction of houses from a turnkey bar - the fad of our company. We begin with the development of project documentation, estimates and produce structural elements of wooden walls, ending with the construction of a house on the site.

Warm house from a bar - what you need!

The number of houses built of timber in Minsk is growing. Why? The answer is simple!

Eco-friendly from natural material with phytoncides.
Do not shrink.
Long service life
The warm house from a bar does not need additional finishing.
Minimum insulation - savings in construction.
Comfortable microclimate.
Pillar or pile-screw foundation - due to the small weight of the walls.
Houses from a bar are affordable for all.
The foundation device takes only a month!

We impregnate houses with special compounds, from mold, fungus and moisture. Only certified impregnation.

The house from a turnkey bar - qualitatively and cheap! Own production, qualified specialists, a full cycle of works on the construction of warm houses from a bar. Meeting deadlines and technology. Quality control in production. Warranty for work.

Construction of houses from a bar! - Seller offer 7

Houses and turnkey baths from a bar.

When building houses from timber in Belarus, a customer can use wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material. The tree "breathes" and creates a comfortable temperature in the house. Houses from a bar are under construction quickly, their cost is much lower from similar houses from other materials. The price for a log house in Belarus depends on the project, quality, quantity and cost of materials.

You can buy a kit for building a turnkey house and build it yourself. At construction from a bar, we embody any projects, using for finishing the most various materials.

When building a turnkey from a bar owner gets a house at an affordable price. Such houses are more often built of pine.

Treatment with antiseptic compounds and special solutions, increase the fire safety of the house from the bar.

House of timber - turnkey construction in Minsk and throughout Belarus - Seller's Offer 8

Houses from a bar - turnkey construction

Low prices on houses from a bar: a square meter in a house from a bar is much cheaper than in an apartment building. Many Belarusians want to build houses from a bar cheaply and with high quality - just as our company builds.
Ecology - houses from a bar do not make harmful allocations. Wood is a material with a positive effect on the body.
High speed of building houses from a bar: many people are waiting for their apartments for years, and we will build a house from a bar on the site in just a month.

Country houses from a bar are one of the most demanded products. For the construction of a house intended for living in spring, summer and autumn, a bar with a thickness of 120 mm is sufficient. Such a house is not expensive. It will provide recreation in nature and intimacy with nature.

Houses from a bar are suitable for living in any season. It is necessary to add a thicker timber for thermal insulation and reduce energy for heating. Fit timber 180 mm.

The complete set of our houses from a bar, is specified in the section of projects. If you find the one you need in the list of projects of houses from a bar, we will make an individual project of the house for free.

The price of houses from a bar:

We offer the lowest prices on houses from turnkey. The square meter of the house from a bar costs $ 250 on a turn-key basis. We invite you to visit our office wooden housing. Here you can get acquainted with samples of timber and built houses. Talk with the designers and choose the right version of the house from a bar.

Offers from other companies are not very different from ours. We always have a bar of good quality at a great price and a great mood! Waiting for you!

You can see a video-review of this house “Mirage”:

If you are interested in the wooden house from a bar - house of timber- the price, design, construction , you may:

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