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Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)  Game Finnish towns "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Buy Finnish towns Mölkky in Minsk, Belarus

Game Finnish towns Molka Mölkky (Malki) "Molki" - a new foreign word, for the first time we heard a month ago from the Finnish consul in Belarus. We were invited to the consulate and asked to make a presentation in a week of our firm producing wooden houses on Finnish equipment, for the expected Finnish Day in Minsk in the near future. The topic is at our discretion: history, technology, ecology, etc. It was necessary to present it in the original wooden stand of our company, which was planned to be located in the center of the city on Freedom Square! In our group there were several men and we quickly developed the idea of ​​an exhibition stand that is part of the stand. The idea was also quickly told to the consul, who suggested: "And let's tell you about Mölkky besides wooden houses on your stand!"

The video below is a joke, but you can ask about its value!)

The next day, the consul brought a wooden box filled with wooden chicken-skins. Each pin had a number from 1 to 12. The set also included a bit. Skittles are installed, according to the rules, at a distance of 3-4 meters from the players. The player's goal in the Finnish towns is to score 50 points. At first glance, a simple rule of the game, but, it's not so simple))

If the player types 51 or more at the throw, the points are burned to 25.

Finnish throwing game

Finnish throwing game

It is better to shoot down one pin, for example, with the number "5", then your asset is credited with 5 points. If you shoot down two pins, for example, with the numbers "8" and "11", you are credited points only by the number of downed chokok. In our case, "2". The player who hits all the pins with one throw (Strike), scores 20 points.

No matter how far wooden skittles with numbers go, they are put in the place of the fall, and the game continues. With each throw to the Finnish towns conditions become more complicated, and it becomes more difficult to win. The results of each player are recorded in a notebook where the points are summed up. Mölkky is similar to the Russian game townships with only numbers. According to ancient Finnish rules, in towns the defeated team rolls the winning team on the back around the playground. But this is at the discretion of the players.

According to the memoirs of one of the Finns, the Finnish towns of Mölkky were played during the First World War. In the Finnish explanatory dictionary, the word Mölkky means a child's butt. Finns have been playing this game for many centuries. In ancient times, they threw a log of large diameter on chocks, thus showing a youthful strength.

For many years the game in the Finnish towns fell in love all over the world. There are Czech, Japanese, American, Finnish, German, French, Slovak, associations for the game in Molki. Also annual championships are held for the game in the Finnish towns. Every year choose the best player. There are even slang players in Mölkky:

- Malki - (simple game for everyone)

- Molkata - (playing, hindering other players)

- Molkaala - (a player who interferes with the rest)

- Molnosti - (experienced player)

- Molkahta - (get hooked on the game / become addicted to the game)

Our presentation at the Finnish Day in Minsk was a great discovery for other participants and visitors. They had not even heard of such a game. And you?

Why did we love the game in the Finnish towns Molkky (Molka)? The game develops an account, intuition, thinking, creativity - and this is a bit of what the game in Molkky (Molki) is capable of.

The game in the Finnish towns quickly and easily assimilated and in it is dynamic and fun to play. In turn, recorded on a sheet of paper, throw a wooden bat and knock down the necessary skittles with numbers to achieve victory. The goal of the game in the Finnish towns is to earn 50 points faster than others. But just be very careful: if you knock down wooden pins more than 50 points, you will start the game with 25 points!

In the Finnish towns Molkky (Molki) play in the fresh air and indoors anywhere, on any cover - grass, asphalt, concrete floor. Play every man for himself or teams - the more in your company, the more fun everyone has! Molkky townships will appeal to adults and children, guys and girls, players of any age and different sports training!

Many countries of the world hold competitions on the game in Molki. Teams from around the world come to Finland to participate in the annual World Championships in Molkky.


Just to understand the importance of the Molkky game, with its facts, figures and percentages after the first game. One day it becomes clear that the success of adults who played it in childhood is connected with Finnish towns. There's no time to wait to check it out. We must play right now! Postpone everything and play, count, develop, run, have fun, talk with Molkky! Set for playing in small towns is made of natural wood. With pleasant polished wood texture. Thanks to such a coating it's nice to play and take a bat and bowling! The game in the Finnish towns is different. It is alive, with pleasant sounds of bowls, made of light wood, it smells of wood, pleasant to the touch, with pleasant edges. She is sweet and concise. Finnish towns are a real game of your mood!


- Original wooden box with a rope handle.

- Rules of the game in the towns.

- 12 wooden pins with numbers

- Wooden bit

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)


Molkky is an interesting and fun game available to everyone! In Finnish towns, mind, strength, accuracy, will to victory and excitement are perfectly combined. Each player in the towns (or team member) takes turns throwing Molka bit, in an attempt to bring down numbered from one to twelve skittles. The player (team) wins who first scored exactly (exactly!) 50 points!

Players in the Finnish towns take turns at a distance of 4-5 meters. The throw is carried out because of a line on which usually there is a wooden box from the pins. If the player has stepped onto the line at the throw - this is considered a backstroke and misses the turn.

If you knock down one wooden pin, the number that is drawn on the knocked down pin is counted. If you shoot down more than two - consider the number of fallen, but do not summarize the figures for the downed. (Example - shot down one pin when playing in the Finnish towns with the number "5", they wrote down 5 points, and if you knocked down four pins with the numbers "3", "10", "7", then only 4 points .

If you get to knock down all the pins for one throw, the player picks up 20 points at once.

Dropped after the throw, the bowl bits are set back to the vertical position at the point of fall. With each successful throw of the bat, the place of installation of skittles on the court is changing, and the field for playing in the Finnish towns for increasing.

If the player does not hit the pins three times in a row, he is eliminated from the game and is counting points for other help to players participating in the game! If, as a result of the throw, the bat points are more than 50, the player starts playing with 25 points and tries again to score exactly 50 points.

So correctly place the skittles

From this distance it's right to start playing in the Finnish towns and throw a bat

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

Finnish throwing game "Molki" Mölkky (Malki)

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