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Profiled timber as a building material

Profiled timber as a building material  Profiled timber as a building material
Modern construction is based on the experience of past generations. Taking current trends into account, technologies have been enhanced, adapted to the requirements of the present day. There are a lot of changes in wooden construction market as well.
In particular, such a material as profiled timber is very popular nowadays. The house made from profiled timber will stand for decades, but this is not the only advantage of this material.
Profiled timber is a pretty new type of building material. It is used in construction of residential houses, cottages, farm buildings, bath-houses. House made from profiled timber is warm and environmentally friendly, the atmosphere in such houses will enhance human health.
Houses from profiled timber are being built within a period of 2.5 months or even less. The price of the house depends on many factors, but it will be considerably lower than the price of houses made from bricks or blocks. In this article we will look at all aspects of project implementation and installation of wooden houses from profiled timber.
Many people who plan to build a timber house think that they will pay an exorbitant price, so they are oriented towards projects of small houses. Moreover, they do not consider the possibility of building a two-storey house; they believe that this will only increase their costs. In fact, everything is not as it seems. Nowadays, there is a huge number of projects in various price categories, so it's easy to choose the one that will meet the financial possibilities.

Profiled timber:
-properly selected project allows you to place a house on a small plot of land;
-you can make changes in the layout of the rooms at the design stage of the project;
-small costs of foundations and roofs;
-fast construction process;
-wood has excellent characteristics of heat saving, so the house will be warm even during the severe frost;
-profiled timber does not require additional processing;
-small percentage of shrinkage;
-it allows you to build walls without slots;
-house built from profiled timber with a thickness of 20 cm does not require additional insulation.

The project of a wooden house from profiled timber:

Profiled timber is a material that requires a special approach when developing a project of a wooden house. You should take into account a lot of aspects to calculate the operational capabilities of many elements. Of course, one cannot do without the participation of experts, who have years of experience in the field.
Many construction companies, including us, offer already existing standard projects free of charge, if the construction of the house will be ordered from them. These projects have approximate price for materials and works on the building site.
The kit of the house should be designed according to a lot of things, such as ground motions, dimensions of bars and so on.
We produce profiled timber with a cross-section of 100x150mm to 220x240mm. The most convenient and popular is cross-section 200x150mm.

Fastening of sawn timber during the construction process
Carrying out the construction of wooden house from profiled timber, one can often hear recommendation concerning fastening of beams with metal nails. But one should know that metal is not always acceptable. This is connected with the fact that it is able to condense moisture on its surface due to temperature differences. Moisture in its turn contributes to wood rotting, and also causes corrosion of metal. That is why wooden nagels are the only acceptable option of fastening of beams.

Thermal insulation and processing of houses made from profiled timber
About 6-12 months after assembling, when the house is completely settled, it should be inspected for cracks, gaps between the beams. All of this is exposed to insulation. One should use the same type of insulation as during the construction of the house. You should use only mineral wool here. Septic tanks, as well as various coatings are used to protect the house from wood fretters and rotting.

The cost of the house from profiled timber
Even at the stage of design works, you can calculate the approximate cost of the house from timber.

You need to add together the following costs:
-the cost of timber needed for the construction;
-the cost of transport services;
-the cost of assembling works.

It should be noted that the price of timber is one of the most affordable for house construction. At the same time, you can always save money. For example, if you order a standard house design before the construction.

Our company offers our customers the most favorable conditions for cooperation in the field of wooden construction. We are ready to carry out projects of any complexity. It can be not only houses and villas, but also baths, farm buildings, cafes, restaurants, hotels and more. To do this, we have qualified personnel and high quality equipment.
We use pine and spruce grown in environmentally friendly conditions in Vitebsk region - the most northern region of the country, where one gets the best materials for the production of sawn timber, glulam and other building materials.
Customers choose us for our responsibility and adherence to the mandatory process requirements. We are ready to create projects from scratch to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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